Numerous homes hit for jewelry

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

If you got jewelry for Christmas, you might want to check its origins. Listed here are just some of the items stolen from area homes recently: 1970 Newton County High School class ring, $500; silver necklace, $150; diamond cluster ring, $675; square diamond ring, $350; gold nugget ring, $1,000; gold bracelet, $150; silver diamond necklace, $250; silver bracelet, $150; diamond dinner ring, $300; diamond stud earrings, $100; ruby/diamond necklace, $200; diamond heart necklace, $150; large teardrop sapphire/diamond ring with matching earrings $1,300; earcuff diamond and sapphire earrings, $500; white gold tennis bracelet, $600; Rolex watch, $6,500; emerald bracelet, $3,500; diamond ring set, $6,000; pearl and opal ring, $3,000; and emerald and diamond ring, $4,500.

Just going to church

The Newton County Sheriff's Office was called to Alcovy Methodist Church when the wind blew a parking lot gate shut that struck the car of a man entering the lot. The gate hit the automobile and shattered the front windshield. The gate had to be cut away from the windshield. The driver was treated at the scene by EMS.

Golfer thief

A man called the NCSO to say he left his garage door up only a short time, but that was apparently when his set of Calloway X14 golf clubs were taken. There were 14 clubs and a bag valued at $1,500 and they were the only things taken. The thief left numerous tools, two chainsaws and a four wheeler with the keys in it.

Felonious flicks

A man called the Covington Police Department to say that he was missing "Iron Man," "Indiana Jones," and "Lady and the Tramp" from his DVD collection. He said the perpetrators were probably two people known to him and that he had already called an area pawn shop and the clerk confirmed the two had been to the store and pawned several DVDs.

Gone with the delivery man

A woman told NCSO investigators that she recently purchased two 50-inch high-definition TVs. She called the store and told them one of the televisions didn't work. A delivery man came to pick up the broken TV and got the stand as well. He was let into the house by a neighbor and left word he'd bring another TV to replace the one he picked up as soon as it came to the store. When the woman called to ask when she could expect her new TV, the store didn't know what she was talking about. She gave them the delivery man's name, but they said they didn't have an employee with that name.

Christmas shoplifting

A woman was apparently preparing for the holidays in mid-November when she was caught shoplifting at Kmart. Store employees reported seeing her conceal the following items in her purse: two pairs of women's panties valued at $23.97; 13 Christmas ornaments totaling $51.48; ballpoint pens, $2.49; an assortment of food totaling $17.33; greeting cards valued at $10.06; and Disney toys valued at $7.99.

· A woman was spotted at Kroger leaving the store with a buggy full of unpaid items. When approached, she fled the store, dropping several packages of Nyquil cold remedy she had concealed as she ran. She was described as a white female with dark hair, late 20s to early 30s, wearing glasses and a bandana on her head with rotten teeth.

Stolen ID

A woman called the NCSO to report that while applying for financial aid for college, she discovered someone had stolen her identity. Apparently, the person had filed income tax returns in her name for the years 2005 and 2006. She had proof that she had no income during those years - she was in Alto State Prison.

It's Mom's fault

A man was stopped after an RCSO deputy spotted him weaving in his lane of travel on Ga. Highway 36. It was discovered there was no insurance on his vehicle and the registration was expired. The driver said the truck was registered in his mother's name and she paid for the insurance. He had no idea Mom had fallen down on the job. A computer check also revealed the man's driver's license had expired, but he couldn't blame that one on Mom. He was taken to jail.

Big mouth, big trouble

An NCSO deputy was dispatched to an area mobile home park in reference to a fight. When he arrived, he was advised by several people that those involved in the fight had patched up their differences and gone their separate ways.

As the deputy was preparing to leave, however, a man approached him with a beer bottle in his hand and told the deputy, "You need to cut that (expletive) light off." His mannerisms clued the deputy in that the man was drunk and the deputy was about to issue him a citation for public intoxication. A computer check revealed he was wanted in Alabama and they requested he be held for them to pick up. He went to jail pending extradition to Alabama.

Cut to the chase

A woman was stopped by the NCSO for swerving all over the road while traveling west on Interstate 20. She had a hard time finding her driver's license, trying to hand the deputy a business card several times. When he finally got her around to taking a field sobriety test, she told the deputy, "I just want to go home," but the deputy continued to try to administer the test. Finally the woman said, "Just arrest me." He did.