Health Reports - 12/16/2008

The following food service establishment inspection reports were provided by the Environmental Health Division of the Rockdale County Health Department and the Newton County Health Department. Restaurants that score from 90 to 100 get a letter grade A; those that rate 80-89 get a B; a tally of 70-79 is a C; and below 70 is a U, or unacceptable. A restaurant scoring 70 or above is allowed to operate if there are no critical violations. If a facility is rated U on consecutive inspections, it must close and the owner must prove that it can be operated safely before reopening is allowed.

· Hot Dogs, Wings & Sweet Things, 98-A, 1264 Parker Road, Conyers, Date: Nov. 7

Violations: Soiled door gasket seals on prep cooler. Grease build-up on grease filters in vent hood. Fan used for ventilation soiled with dust build-up.

· City King, 86-B, 1665 Ga. Highway 138, Conyers, Date: Nov. 7

Violations: Items in sushi cooler held at an improper temperature. Potentially hazardous hot-hold items holding at an improper temperature. Cooler in grill area malfunctioning. Old food debris build-up on equipment. No drain plug in Dumpster. Floor in disrepair in front of walk-in freezer and under four-compartment sink.

· The Oakes Family Diner, 60-U, 1040 Flat Shoals Road, Conyers, Date: Nov. 10

Violations: Observed home-prepared product in hermetically sealed container. Thawing of raw product and ready-to-eat product in same pan. Food product stored in an uncovered container. Mold-like substance in ice maker. Potentially hazardous food not stored at the proper temperature. Prepared product not date marked as required. Current inspection reported not posted in proper area.

· Pool Room Cafe, 75-C, 5152 Washington St., Covington. Date: Nov. 10

Violations: Raw hamburger meat stored above hot dogs. Cheese and sliced tomatoes sitting out with no time or temperature control. Employee has painted fingernails. No food inspection report posted. Utensils stored wet. No backflow device; a direct connection may not exist between the sewage system and a drain originating from equipment in which food, portable equipment or utensils are placed. Must use air gap or other measure to fix.

· Tru Coffee, 95-A, 1123 Monticello St., Covington. Date: Nov. 10

Violations: Sanitizer in three-compartment sink too strong. Light blown over three-compartment sink.

· Cousin's Middle School, 85-B, 8187 Carlton Trail, Covington. Date: Nov. 12

Violations: Employee drinks out next to food prep area and food utensils. Sanitizer bucket has weak solution. Wet wiping cloths on counters. Utensils stored wet. Ice maker has some rust on inside and gasket is old. Dirty gasket at reach-in cooler door. Faucets leaking at three-compartment sink.

· McDonalds, 76-C, 2080-A Crowell Road, Covington. Date: Nov. 12

Violations: Employees did not wash hands when changing gloves or changing work stations. Employee did not properly wash, rinse and sanitize tongs and tea nozzles. Flour not properly labeled. Employees wearing rings and bracelets. Sanitizer bucket stored on floor and wet wiping cloths stored in food prep area. No handwash sign at handsink. Utensils stored wet. Walk-in cooler air curtain torn. Lids on tea containers in walk-in cracked. Threshold in walk-in freezer loose. Paper towel holder broken at handsink. Condiment bin is dirty. Fan covers in walk-in refrigerator dirty. Splash-up above prep station and at French fry warmer dirty. Fish filet steamer leaking water. Spray wand below flood plain at three-compartment sink. Hose in mop sink below flood plain of mop sink.

· Quality Inn, 73-C, 10225 Ga. Highway 142, Covington. Date: Nov. 12

Violations: Cheese cubes out of temperature on cold-holding table. No label or date on batter container, milk jug or cheese cube bag. Pest control products next to cleaning chemicals. No digital thermometer. Apples in container sitting out and not individually wrapped. No handwash sign in men's and women's bath. Single-use coffee stirs not wrapped. No test strips for sanitizer strength. Tables wiped down with sanitizer and hand cloth. Gap around refrigerator room exterior door.