Darrell Huckaby - To the victors go the spoils, but don't overdo it

I was shocked that the sun came up Sunday morning. It didn't, in fact, come out from behind the clouds, but it did come up.

I was hoping this day would never come - at least not in my lifetime. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't been there in person, but it did happen. Georgia Tech beat Georgia in football.

Y'all don't know how painful typing that last sentence was for this columnist.

It wasn't a fluke, either. I am man enough to admit it. They just up and beat us. In fact, they got up off the ropes after the Bulldogs had amassed a 16-point half-time lead and made a stirring third-quarter comeback to take control of the game and ruin my weekend, the entire holiday season and all of next year.

It wasn't a pretty sight for my old eyes, but at least Wayne Kerr went to bed happy - so congratulations to all my friends who are true Jacket fans. And believe it or not, I have never had any animosity toward those people. Not the real Tech fans. Take the aforementioned Dr. Kerr, for instance. Classy guy. Prince of a fellow. Always positive. How could anyone begrudge him pulling for his alma mater?

And then there is Anthony Norton. He lives and dies with the Yellow Jackets but would never think about taunting his opponents - primarily because he doesn't want to be taunted himself - but he's a class act, too, and I'd say that even if my daughter didn't work for him during her time off from pharmacy school. Same thing for his running mate Alton McCullough, who closely resembles Santa Claus at this time of year.

My Sunday School teacher, Jimmy Hicks, is a Tech guy and he didn't say a word to me about the game Sunday. Of course, that might have been due to the fact that I slept in and didn't go to Sunday school. I wasn't afraid to face him, actually, but did fear that his wife Melanie might cause me to lose my religion - so I stayed home and pouted.

Besides, it was cold and damp Sunday morning. Who wanted to get out in all that mess?

(Yes, I did sit in the pouring rain to watch the game. I was making a funny.)

I did have to go out and buy a car battery Sunday, however, and wouldn't you know it? The first, and only, person I saw was Tommy Herrington - Georgia Tech, Class of 82. But there's not a nicer guy around than Tommy, and he didn't mention the game until I did.

There are a lot of students at Heritage, where I teach, who are Tech fans, of course, but with finals coming up in a couple of weeks, most of them were amazingly gracious. I was a little bit afraid to open my e-mails all week, but the only taunting came from a quite unexpected source, my good friend Daniel Farley - and I don't think he actually meant it that way.

So again, congratulations to all true Techsters on a much deserved victory. I have no quarrel with you. But y'all. That strange odor you might encounter in public places over the next few weeks is not Christmas greenery. It is moth balls. The fair-weather bandwagon variety fans that have been holed up for the past eight years are crawling out of the woodwork - the Techmites - and those are the people that cause me to love to hate Georgia Tech.

I know. I know. Georgia has them too. They are the people who boo the players and want to fire the head coach after every loss. I don't care for them any more than I care for the Techmites. But of all the fair-weather bandwagon jumpers out there, a Baptist preacher down in Ludawici takes the cake.

You might have heard of Ludawici. It is down in the southeast Georgia pine barrens, in Long County, and attained a high degree of notoriety back in the '60s when Gov. Lester Maddox erected a billboard at its outskirts, warning approaching motorists that they were about to enter a speed trap.

Well, this preacher, whose name I will not stoop to utter, has reportedly renounced his citizenship in the Bulldog Nation and has made Georgia Tech his adopted team, because he believes they "tried harder" Saturday and that they have a better chance to deliver a championship in his "time left on earth."

Well Georgia Tech can have him. We don't need any turncoats because the thing about turncoats is that if they turn once, they can turn again, as soon as the wind changes direction. Same goes for all the other folks adding Tech gear to your Christmas list for the first time ever.

So again, to the real Yellow Jacket fans out there, congratulations. You whipped us, fair and square. We look forward to visiting historic Grant Field in 12 months to try and avenge the loss and begin a new streak.

And to you anonymous bandwagon jumping Techmites, here's a little math fact for you - 7-1 is greater than 1-7. Even a blind hog finds an acorn sometime.

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