Two arrested in shooting
Pair charged with robbery

COVINGTON - The Covington police have arrested two men in connection with the Oct. 30 shooting at the intersection of Alexander and Clark Streets.

Detective Mike Tinsley said Jarrod Jenkins, 17, of 4232 Carrol St., has been charged with armed robbery and aggravated assault and Martinez Flournoy, 19, of 62 Poplar St., has been charged with armed robbery, intimidation, taking control of substance and aggravated assault.

Tinsley said the police learned of the incident when the two victims went to Newton Medical Center's emergency room seeking medical aid for gunshot wounds. They told detectives that two black males had approached their vehicle when they were at the corner of Alexander and Clark streets, brandishing a handgun and robbing them.

The detective said further investigation determined that the situation had evolved from "a drug deal gone bad." The two victims were allegedly planning to sell drugs to Flournoy and Jenkins, but the pair apparently decided to rob them instead.

The victims tried to flee the robbers, but the 19-year-old driver was shot in the right forearm and the bullet traveled to the 18-year-old wheelchair bound passenger, striking him in the right leg.