Health Reports - 12/2/2008

The following food service establishment inspection reports were provided by the Environmental Health Division of the Rockdale County Health Department and the Newton County Health Department. Restaurants that score from 90 to 100 get a letter grade A; those that rate 80-89 get a B; a tally of 70-79 is a C; and below 70 is a U, or unacceptable. A restaurant scoring 70 or above is allowed to operate if there are no critical violations. If a facility is rated U on consecutive inspections, it must close and the owner must prove that it can be operated safely before reopening is allowed.

· Eastside High School, 93-A, 10245 Covington Bypass, Covington. Date: Oct. 28

Violations: Shortening not labeled in storage room. Sanitizer buckets had weak levels of sanitizer.

· Kaiteur Coffee House, 98-A, 1573 Ga. Highway 20, Conyers, Date: Oct. 28

Violations: Damaged door gasket seal on reach-in cooler under espresso machine. Damaged floor in prep and storage areas. Coved base separating from wall in storage area.

· Tokyo Hibachi Express, 93-A, 3030 Edwards Drive, Conyers, Date: Oct. 28

Violations: Observed personal grooming items stored with food items. Bulk food items stored in unlabeled containers.

· Tokyo Hibachi Express - complaint, 73-C, Date: Nov. 3

Violations: Chicken stored uncovered. Chicken stored about steak in reach-in cooler. Label three-compartment sink. Need paper towels. Clean hibachi grills after each use. Label bulk containers of food. Repair counter top in sushi bar around sink. Items not properly labeled and date marked as required. Repair floor. Personal drinking cups need to be disposable with lid and straw. Person in charge not performing duties.

· Golden Corral, 84-B, 1350 Ga. Highway 138, Conyers, Date: Oct. 29

Violations: Observed employees not using proper procedure for hand washing. Soiled utensils with clean utensils. Wet utensils stored stacked on one another. Urinal in men's restroom not flushable. Inadequate ventilation in hood of dish machine.

· Oak Hill Elementary School, 85-B, 6243 Ga. Highway 212, Covington. Date: Oct. 29

Violations: Improper hot water temperature at handwash sink. Dishwasher water is not reaching proper hot temperature. Sanitizer solution is weak in sanitizer buckets. Container not labeled in storage area. Thermometer on dishwasher not working properly. Ice build-up on walk-in freezer floor and ceiling. Walk-in cooler door gasket dirty.

· Whistle Post Tavern, 92-A, 935 Railroad St., Conyers, Date: Oct. 29

Violations: Mold-like substance in ice make by wait station. Soiled utensils with clean utensils. Soiled utensils ready for use. Deteriorating fryer baskets. Damaged door gasket seals on reach-in coolers. Sides of equipment soiled with residue build-up. Grease filters in vent hood soiled with build-up.

· China Star, 42-U, 13015 Brown Bridge Road, Covington. Date: Oct. 30

Violations: No certified person in charge performing proper duties. Employees not washing hands between handling raw and ready-to-eat food. No employees washed hands during inspection. Employee drink (bottled water) in food prep area with no lid on. Storing objects in handsink. Raw beef next to egg rolls, raw eggs next to ready-to-eat food, raw beef next to lettuce. Food in walk-in cooler not covered. No soap at handsink. Can opener dirty. Eggs sitting out of temperature. Cooked beef kept out of temperature. Cooked chicken kept out of temperature. Medicines stored next to food, chemicals next to food. Sanitizer weak in three-compartment sink. Oil stored on floor. Food on floor in walk-in. Food stored in cans. Fish stored unwrapped in freezer. Food stored in plastic bags in walk-in. Rice stored opened in bag. No labels on bulk storage. No thermometers. Apron dirty on employees. Wiping cloths stored in food prep area. No hand sign for washing hands in restroom. Bowls used as a scoop. Replace chest freezer - lid is broken. No sanitizer test strips. Utensils stored wet. Racks in walk-in dirty. Gaskets on coolers and walk-in dirty. Taster dirty. Improperly cooling chicken at room temperature. Handsink in kitchen coming off of wall. Floors dirty behind cook line. Vent-a-hood dirty.

· Mansfield Elementary, 100-A, 45 East 3rd Ave., Mansfield. Date: Oct. 30

· Starbucks, 92-A, 5341 Ga. Highway 20, Covington. Date: Oct. 30

Violations: Milk container open with no date marking. Scoop with handle laying down in sugar container. Individual coffee stirs not wrapped. No test strips for sanitizer. Spray wand at sink hanging below flood plain of sink.

· Livingston Elementary School, 92-A, 3657 Ga. Highway 81 S., Covington. Date: Oct. 31

Violations: Can opener dirty. Employee wearing decorate ring - can only wear plain band ring in food prep areas. Cornmeal bin broken. Inside of microwave dirty. Gasket around walk-in cooler dirty.

· Taqueria Dos Hermanos, 69-U, 1522 Pine Log Road, Conyers, Date: Oct. 31

Violations: Person in charge did not demonstrate knowledge of food safety rules or perform duties as required. No soap or paper towels in men's restroom. Mold-like substance in ice-maker. Soiled knife with clean knives. Hair gel stored with food products. Item stored in ice for consumer use. No handwash signs posted in restrooms. Not in compliance with Georgia Smoke Free Air Act. Ice scoop stored on unclean surface. Clean utensils and soiled utensils stored together. Damaged door gasket seals on reach-in coolers. No hot water available in restroom. Damaged floor tiles in kitchen. Flies in kitchen area.

· Bradley's BBQ, 98-A, 1955 Sigman Road, Conyers, Date: Nov. 3

Violations: Ice scoop stored in ice in ice maker. Dispensing utensils stored in product. Damaged door gaskets seals on reach-in cooler.

· Happy J's, 84-B, 8105 Washington St., Covington. Date: Nov. 3

Violations: Employee drink in food prep area. Cheese, tomatoes, and slaw out of temperature. Vent-a-hood has buildup. No backflow prevention at drain lines on plumbing.

· Taco Bell, 94-A, 1537 Ga. Highway 138, Conyers, Date: Nov. 3

Violations: Product observed in walk-in cooler not date marked as required. Dispensing utensil improperly stored in product. Employee performing multiple tasks without changing gloves. Soiled door gasket seal on reach-in freezer.

· Zaxby's, 94-A, 429 Sigman Road, Conyers, Date: Nov. 3

Violations: Soiled drink dispense nozzles. Wet utensils stored stacked one on another.

· Fairview Elementary School, 85-B, 3325 Fairview Road, Covington. Date: Nov. 4

Violations: Utensils and pans still dirty after they were cleaned. Sanitizer found weak in buckets. Sanitizer bucket found on floor. Wet wiping cloths out on counter. Utensils stored wet. Lemonade dispenser nozzle leaking. Gasket loose on ice machine lid. Plastic covers over lights in Vent-a-hood area peeling. Fan covers in walk-in cooler rusting. Gasket around walk-in cooler door dirty. Leak in janitor closet floor.