On the beat: Man with outstanding warrant caught by police

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

COVINGTON - A man who needed help from the police thought he was ingenious enough to lie his way around the crimes he had committed. He wasn't.

According to the Newton County Sheriff's Office, a man called 911 and said he had been run over by a white or gray Oldsmobile or Buick on Gum Creek Trail. Deputies arrived to find the man in sad shape with a laceration to the back of his head, pain in his right shoulder and road rash and abrasions on his lower back.

EMS was called and the victim requested to be taken to Rockdale Medical Center. However, while en route, the ambulance driver was advised by the hospital they would not accept the patient and a detour was made to Newton Medical Center.

While all this was going on, deputies learned that the victim had an outstanding warrant out of Rockdale County and it was decided he would be arrested once he was checked out by medical personnel.

While all this was going on, a woman contacted the NCSO and told them she had been in an argument with the man and that he had pressed a "lit cigarette to her body and was trying to control her, not letting her out of his sight."

She said when he went out of the room, she fled the apartment and got into her vehicle. She backed out of the driveway with the intention of leaving when the "victim" gave chase and tried to open the car door and get into the driver's seat. He couldn't get in, so the woman said he jumped onto the hood of her car and slid across it in an apparent attempt to get into the passenger's door.

Fearing what the man would do if he got to her, she stomped the accelerator and the last time she saw the "victim," he was bouncing down Gum Creek Trail.

This information put a slightly different spin on the original story. In addition to being held on the outstanding warrant, the man was charged with simple battery and giving false information to a law enforcement officer.

A terrible predicament

A man who was charged with shoplifting and public drunkenness after he tried to stuff a $4.14 bottle of Maneschwitz wine and a selection of young girl's clothing into his pants has bigger problems to worry about. According to information given the arresting Covington Police Department officer, the man has been banned from Wal-Mart stores nationwide.

· A man who shoplifted a book and 6-pack of beer from Kroger was caught only after he returned to the store to get his crutches.

Valuables taken

An unlocked safe is nothing more than a central location for valuables as a Covington couple recently discovered. They called the CPD to report that they couldn't remember if they locked the safe the last time they were in it and $8,000 in cash, a $3,500 gold ring, a Corvette charm valued at $1,500 and a gold nugget bracelet were missing. Should the safe have been locked, however, the couple said they had left the code on a desk right next to it. And, oh, by the way, the security alarm at the residence was turned off.

· A woman called the CPD to say a white bookcase had been stolen from her patio. She was distressed over losing it because she used it to keep her plants on. When asked to place a value on her loss, she said that would be hard to do because she had paid $5 for it 35 years ago.

· A man notified the CPD that an ex-employee had taken an Exacto-type knife with him when he quit and refused to return it despite repeated phone calls. He didn't have an address for the man, but said he was between 25 and 30 years of age. He described the knife as stainless steel and said it uses the breakaway blades that slide up and down inside the case. The knife is valued at $12.95. The officer told the man the procedure for obtaining a warrant.

Stolen laundry

A man reported to the CPD that he had taken two comforters with the total value of $459 to a local cleaners. He said when he returned to get them, he was informed by the owner, who apparently did not feel responsible, that the two comforters had been stolen.

Quick work

A woman called the CPD to report that someone had just stolen a refrigerator from her residence. She said a witness said two men, one black and one white, driving a teal pick-up entered her house and took the refrigerator.

A quick-thinking officer radioed an officer on Washington Street, asking her to watch for a truck matching that description headed to the recycling center. Sure enough, the officer spotted the two at Washington Street and Flat Shoals Road, stopped them and made an arrest.

The refrigerator was not on the truck, but there was a check from L&B Recycling that revealed the pair had received $22 for the refrigerator minutes earlier. Sad to say, by the time the refrigerator was located at the recycling center, it was flat.

Special delivery

A woman told CPD officers that a U.S. Treasury check in the amount of $2,125 was delivered with her mail. Although it had someone else's name on it, she thought since it was in her mailbox, she could cash it. That's what she did, but the check was returned to a check cashing store as stolen. The woman found herself in a heap of trouble.

Holding up traffic

A NCSO deputy said he was patrolling on Ga. Highway 36 when he saw something that perplexed him momentarily. Two small bright lights were heading right for him and it wasn't until he got closer that he could see if was a man driving a four-wheeler in the middle of the road. Several cars were driving slowly behind him. The man got a ticket and the four-wheeler went to jail.

'Nobody likes me'

The NCSO was informed there was a suspicious man asleep at the edge of the wooded area around the area of Salem and Spring roads. A deputy made contact with the man and asked why he happened to be sleeping on the ground at that particular location and he said he lived nearby, but his family doesn't like him when he drinks. The deputy called the family and the man had told the truth. They said they didn't want him back. He was arrested for public drunkenness.

Moon over Yamaha

A woman called the NCSO to complain that she had been "mooned" by a young man aggressively driving a Yamaha motorcycle. The man admitted to pulling alongside the woman, but he said it was because a friend of his was in the truck behind her. He said he pointed to his buttocks area, intending the gesture for his friend, but he denied pulling his pants down while driving the motorcycle. It turned out he didn't have an appropriate license to be out after dark with the motorcycle, so he was cited for violation of the conditions of a limited driving permit and reckless driving.

Nap time

A man was found by CPD officers parked in the middle of a lane of travel at Food Depot grocery store fast asleep with his head on his steering wheel. He said he'd only had three beers much earlier in the day, but he couldn't stand up long enough to complete the field sobriety test. He was arrested for DUI.

· A woman called the CPD to report that when she woke up that morning the window next to her front door had been broken out. The officer asked her if she heard anything the night before and she said, no, she must have been asleep.

Confusing paperwork

A woman who was pulled over by a CPD officer for defective equipment - her car had no tail lights and a badly cracked windshield - couldn't quite pull off a casual response, although she gave it a valiant try. When the officer asked for her driver's license, she handed him a handicapped parking permit and an insurance card. Realizing her error, she kept digging into her purse and finally found what she wanted - a stick of deodorant. After several more attempts, she finally produced a suspended license.