Jack Simpson - Pharmacy serves as meeting place to swap stories

Working in Newton County as I do, I don't get to go to Evans Pharmacy in Olde Town Conyers as much as I would like to. It is such a friendly, accommodating place, isn't it?

I had been to the doctor's office for some lab work and had to go fasting. When I finished, I stopped by Evans for a bite of breakfast. Where else can you go to be greeted by cheerful ladies working behind the soda fountain who will get out the frying pan, scramble your eggs, toast your bread and make you an egg-and-bacon sandwich as you watch?

And, where else will you be joined while you eat by old friends - lawyers, judges, bailiffs and county personnel from the nearby courthouse?

If you need a prescription filled, Vince Evans will have your order completed and ready while you finish up your sandwich, tomato slices and drink your chocolate milk. Ahh, life in small town America! I love it and thank the Lord for such unique places.

As I ate, former councilman Bill Rogers stopped by, asking, "What's the latest on Mr. Gray?" Those who have read some of my past columns may remember Mr. Gray as our resident stray cat. His comings-and-goings have often been the subject of my writings.

I have not written about Mr. Gray of late. He may have found himself a better boarding house. He has only shown up three or four times since Christmas, so I do know he is still alive.

As a matter of fact, Mr. Gray came by the front porch just the other day. He sat outside the kitchen window waiting to be recognized. Once we spotted him, we took him some dry cat food and our leftover honey ham. He likes that ham, but since he has been gone for so long, he turns his nose up and will not eat the dry food. The ants love it. As soon as the cat leaves, and even sometimes as he is eating, ants move in and take over! Mr. Gray doesn't tarry long. He appears, hisses at everyone, shows his teeth, eats, and he is gone like a ghost to who knows where. He's still wild and unfriendly. No doubt he probably would bite the hand that feeds him if he had a chance. I don't know how long it will be before he returns. We will see him again when he senses we have some more of his favorite leftover ham!

Where else would anyone even care about the meanderings of a wild, stray cat? Olde Town Conyers - at the warm place of friendship, brotherhood and sociality; a place where a former city councilman reads the columns of an old lawman and comes to the local pharmacy for an excellent breakfast and some fellowship with old friends.

Jack Simpson is a former educator, veteran, author, and law enforcement officer. His column appears each Friday.