Newton Citizen Poll 8/16/2008

"Kudos to Newton County commissioners and the city of Covington for finding a way to bring a civic center to Newton County without picking the pockets of taxpayers. The jobs created and economic stimulus for the county is a tremendous boon."

"I still say shame, shame. If you call that coverage in the sports section Saturday (no pictures - no names of successful players). That is not what the citizens of Newton County expected. You were able to get pictures on Falcon news. I guess we are not big enough yet to have sports headlines. Thanks to Tommy Hailey and others."

"I am not sure why I need to ask this, but if it will help I will go ahead and ask. Will the person/persons coming and going from the Oak Hill subdivision please stop throwing your beer bottles out on the sidewalk and busting them. They go in the garbage can. I am tired of picking up the glass. And get some help for your alcohol problem because apparently you are throwing them out so you don't get stopped pulling out on Highway 81 with them in your car. Everyone from the Oak Hill subdivision, please ask your family members and visitors to stop throwing out the beer bottles and beer cans. It is bad enough to come home in the evenings from working hard to listen to the loud music vibrating my living room every day. I would be happy for that to be stopped also. Thank you."

"I was employed with the Newton County Sheriff's Office for six years as a deputy and I always served with pride, professionalism and respect for my community and its citizens. Since leaving the Sheriff's Office, I have witnessed several shameful and disrespectful acts by different deputies but none were nearly as horrible as the one that I saw on Sunday morning. I was driving though Oxford and, as I approached the traffic light on Ga. Hwy 81, I saw a sheriff's patrol car (a Dodge Charger) ... enter the intersection, with its emergency lights on. I prepared to stop and I realized that the deputy was blocking the intersection for a funeral precession. The deputy got out of his car and, instead of standing in a respectful manner, began talking on his Nextel two-way radio! He then put the phone up to his ear and engaged in a telephone conversation as the funeral procession passed! After the last car passed, the deputy continued his phone conversation and got back into his car and began to follow the precession. In 'the old days,' an act like that was unheard of, but it seems more common as time goes by. I really hope that our next sheriff puts an end to such nonsense and brings professionalism and respect back to our Sheriff's Office. I think that the Sheriff's Office and the deputy owe the funeral home an apology for this."

"I am really blown away by the money we as taxpayers pay school tax in Newton County, and for the second year straight there are not enough textbooks in the middle schools to go around."

"Someone please explain to me why our government will not allow me to bring a Cuban cigar into this country that I purchased on a cruise but we turn a blind eye to the thousands of Cubans who enter this country illegally every year?"