CPD search for missing
elderly man

COVINGTON - The Covington Police Department is seeking the whereabouts of Covington resident William Worley, a man who is often seen using a motorized wheelchair along U.S. Highway 278, according to Capt. Craig Treadwell.

Treadwell said friends of Worley's at a local nursing home notified his daughter that they were alarmed because he had abruptly stopped his daily visits to the facility.

"She got worried and came in and filed a report with the police department," Treadwell explained, adding that their investigation had already revealed that Worley seemed to be living in the Candler Road area of DeKalb County.

"We just need to locate him, talk to him and make sure he's OK," Treadwell said. "We're circulating flyers locally and with the DeKalb County Police Department so they can locate him and know he's all right."

Treadwell said the last known address for the

68-year-old man was 5144 Baxter St. When police went there and spoke with his former roommate, they were told that he moved out about Aug. 2.

"A black male and female helped him move his belongings in a white Chevrolet pickup with an extended cab and a burgundy stripe," Treadwell said. "They left hauling his belongings away. He didn't say where he was going."

Treadwell said the roommate witnessed the same man and woman pick Worley up at Krystal restaurant on U.S. 278 about two hours later. They were last seen headed north on Alcovy Road.

Detectives learned that Worley's bank account was being accessed in DeKalb County and discovered that he had visited a branch of the bank on Candler Road about a half hour before they arrived there Tuesday.

Treadwell said a black woman was with Worley at the bank and detectives have a video tape of the transaction.

"He didn't seem to be threatened in any way and had plenty of opportunity to have contacted (the police) if he had a need to," Treadwell said. "I think we've pretty much ruled out foul play.

"Anyone who has contact with Mr. Worley, if they could have him contact us, or if they could contact us at the police department, we'd certainly appreciate it," Treadwell said.

Treadwell can be reached 770-315-8700 or 770-786-7605 or contact can be made through Sgt. Mike Tinsley at 770-385-6430.