Woman charged with threatening police

COVINGTON - A Norcross woman faces extensive charges after first coming to the attention of the Newton County Sheriff's Office when she allegedly drove her red Mustang into the foyer of a South Greenfield Circle home Thursday. Her behavior rapidly deteriorated from that point, according to a NCSO incident report completed by Deputy Dale Shirley.

Jhirrica Janel Ware, 24, of 701 Concepts 21 Drive, Norcross, was taken to the Newton County Detention Center and charged with three counts of simple battery on a law enforcement officer; four counts of terroristic threats and acts against a law enforcement officer; reckless driving; giving a false name and address to a law enforcement officer; possession of marijuana, less than 1 ounce; DUI; terroristic threats and acts; simple battery; and criminal damage to property. Her bonds amount to $17,500, and as of press time, she remained incarcerated.

About 5 a.m. Thursday, the NCSO received a call about a woman on South Greenfield Circle being beaten with a bat. The caller said the perpetrator had fled the scene in a red Ford Mustang and gave the tag number. En route to the house, deputies passed a red Mustang and witnessed it running over a mailbox, driving through the yard and crashing into a home a few doors down the street.

Ware was driving and reportedly told officers again about the alleged baseball bat assault, saying her boyfriend had hit her in the face with it when he became angry because while they were in downtown Atlanta, she was "flirting with another dude." She said that the bat in question was plastic. Deputies reported seeing no marks on her face.

Ware told deputies that after the assault, she had fled into the backyard, calling 911 on the cordless phone, and then her boyfriend came after her, threw her into the car and took off down the street where he drove into the house. She claimed to have only been a passenger in the vehicle, but one deputy had witnessed the accident and seen no one but Ware.

Deputies went back to the residence from which the 911 call had originated but found no one at home. The driveway was strewn with men's clothing, shoes, condoms and one pair of women's panties, according to the incident report.

The report stated Ware said she lived at the home and gave deputies permission to search it. They found a partially smoked marijuana cigarette and noticed mail addressed to someone with a different last name than the one she had given for her boyfriend. When asked about that, she allegedly said, "Oh, yeah, (that's his name)."

By this time, deputies had come to the conclusion that Ware was the only person involved in the auto crash and asked her to consent to a field sobriety test. She began crying and the deputy felt there was a question whether she had actually consented to take the test. He decided the best course of action was to take her to the emergency room for a blood test, and that's when Ware became abusive, the report stated.

She began screaming and calling the deputy "white cracker (expletive)," "snowflake," and yelling other obscenities and accusing him of being crooked and racist.

The deputy opted at that point to take Ware directly to the sheriff's office.

When the deputy attempted to escort her into the sheriff's office, she resisted, telling him, "You white (expletive) I know where y'all live and I will kill you and your kids and y'all can tell the judge what I said."

Lt. Bill Watterson said he attempted to interview her at the sheriff's office concerning the alleged assault with the baseball bat when things got even uglier.

"She spit on me and kicked one of the deputies twice and threatened to kill all of us and our children," he said. "The interview was ended by her."

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