Oxford to revise traffic control rule
City to limit trucks cutting through

OXFORD - After receiving complaints from residents and dealing with extra road maintenance, officials in the city of Oxford are hoping to decrease through traffic on side roads.

The Oxford City Council held the first reading of a revised traffic control ordinance that would limit vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds from using many city streets other than Ga. Highway 81/Emory Street unless they had a purpose for being there.

"We've had citizens complaining of large (construction) trucks and school buses that are cutting through to bypass traffic on 81," Oxford Mayor Jerry Roseberry said. "I know traffic gets heavy, but they cannot do that."

He said many of Oxford's side roads are narrow, so often times other traffic is blocked or forced to run off the side of the road.

Continuous traveling of large vehicles down many of the streets also causes the roads to become deteriorated faster than otherwise expected, he said.

The mayor said vehicles that are over the weight limit will still be allowed to travel to certain locations if they have a delivery to make, but those without paperwork or other proof of their business to be on the streets should expect to receive a warning or citation if the council passes the revised ordinance.

"We're not interested in writing a lot of tickets, but we will if we have to," Roseberry said of the city police department. "Officers will give out warnings and remind them of the laws, but if they see a second offender, they might have to pay a fine."

The Oxford Police Department was unavailable for comment as of press time.

The Oxford City Council is expected to have the second, and final, reading of the revised ordinance at its next monthly meeting, scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Sept. 8 in the community room, where the council will vote on the revisions.

Roseberry advised residents seeing any unauthorized vehicles to get a good description and call City Hall.

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