On the Beat: Thieves not so lucky after stealing lotto tickets

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.


You may already be a loser if you're not savvy enough to know that stealing lottery tickets is a sure way to go to jail. But apparently with dreams of riches knocking around in their empty heads, thieves broke a window and entered a convenience store on Ga. Highway 81 and stole four racks of lottery tickets which included such games as 15th Anniversary, League Nite, Super Black Jack, Monopoly, Spread the Wealth and more.

The tickets were later found by authorities on the side of the road. All had been scratched off and none of them were winners.

Hint: Lottery tickets are numbered sequentially and it is very easy to know which ones have been stolen. So when a "winner" tries to collect on a stolen ticket, it will be easy to know who he is as well.

Always eat a hearty breakfast

A woman living on Nixon Circle reported to the Covington Police Department that someone had broken into her house while she was out of town and had the audacity to cook themselves pancakes with all the fixings before ransacking the place and stealing an assortment of electronics, cash from a jar and household items, totaling approximately $2,000. Additionally, the culprits left the gas stove on.

The glass jar, along with a wine glass (for breakfast?) and door bell cover were taken into evidence.

Shopping stalker

A man notified the CPD that his neighbor had stalked him and his children while they shopped. He said he was in line at Wal-Mart's customer service desk when the woman approached him, making harsh comments. He fled to the toy department and stayed there for an hour looking at toys with his children. He thought the woman had given up, but when he left the store, the woman took up the chant in the parking lot. Once he was inside his car, he told officers the woman began spitting on his car. A Wal-Mart employee notified the CPD, but the incident report stated the man "was unable to wait for the police due to (the woman) continuing to yell, curse and spit."

Car fight

A man became irate because his friend had his wallet in her car and refused to give it back to him. In retaliation, he punched the front passenger door of her car, doing an estimated $400 worth of damage. A CPD officer was called to the scene and he advised the woman to give the wallet back.

Making matters worse

The owner of a Cadillac Escalade was parked at Wal-Mart while she shopped and upon returning to her car found a note giving the tag number of the vehicle that had scratched her door.

The CPD was called and found the offending vehicle registered to a Monticello woman. The officer phoned the woman who told him her daughter had used the car and she would have her call him back. The daughter said she left the car in the care of a friend she only knew by his first name and he had moved it to another parking space.

The friend was contacted and he admitted he had made "a wide turn" and hit the Cadillac. When the officer asked him why he didn't report the accident, he said he didn't know. The officer asked for his name and date of birth and he complied.

The officer asked to speak to Mom once again and she got back on the phone and told him that the friend had given him a false name because "he was scared that he had a warrant out for his arrest in Newton County."

He was right and when his real name was ascertained, he was arrested.

Cleaning the pool

A Covington woman reported that a 25-pound bucket of Super Shock-It chlorine tabs valued at $80 had been removed from her patio. The backyard fence was locked and nothing else disturbed.

Forgetful shoplifter

A Kroger employee found a shopping cart in the parking lot with a pocketbook in it. He looked in the purse to find the owner's name and lo and behold, he found a bottle of wine and a pack of beef tenderloin valued at $17.83. Meanwhile, the woman realized her mistake and telephoned Kroger and asked them if they'd mind bringing her purse out to the parking lot to her. CPD officers met her instead and arrested her for shoplifting, her third such arrest in three years.

Just doing a favor

A deputy spotted a truck parked in a wooded area off Ga. Highway 212. When he stopped to inquire why the truck was there a woman told him she just wanted to get in the shade while her grown daughter and grandson were in the woods. When asked what they were doing in the woods, she said they were picking up scrap metal.

The deputy told her to call the two and when they exited the woods, the deputy asked if they had permission to be on the property picking up scrap metal. The daughter said, no, she thought she was doing the land owner a favor by taking trash away. Everyone was issued criminal trespass warnings.