On the beat: FBI arrests man on an outstanding warrant

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

FBI agents nab naked woman, then get their man

According to a Newton County Sheriff's Office incident report, 10 agents with the FBI came to a residence on Jersey Alcovy Road Tuesday night where they arrested a man on an outstanding warrant. NCSO deputies assisted.

The agents apparently expected trouble and told deputies the man they were after was considered "armed and dangerous," and, in fact, one of his children, who was expected to be home, had shot someone with a BB gun.

According to Special Agent Stephen Emmett, the suspect had two federal warrants - one from Michigan charging him with possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute and another steming from a Kentucky indictment that alleged he had entered into a conspiracy in Kentucky to possess with the intent to distribute heroin.

Agents knocked several times, but to no avail and used a battering ram to enter the residence. According to the report, the ruckus compelled a woman to come to the door who told agents she had "just got out of the shower" and that "Peanut is not here." The report stated the woman was told to get a towel, but when she was handcuffed and lying on the front porch, she was "wearing nothing (with) soap still on her."

Not taking the nude woman's word for anything, agents lived up to their reputation for always getting their man. They nabbed their culprit as he exited a rear window and took him away.

Not motivated

The Covington Police went to a home when an out-of-state person called and asked them to do a welfare check. Officers found what they described as "very poor living conditions," including dirty clothes strewn around on the floor and a litter box that had not been emptied for some time. The woman who lived there with her two children told the officer she had surgery two months before and since that time "it was hard for her to get motivated."

The Newton County Department of Family and Children's Services was notified.

Only beer

The CPD conducted a traffic stop on a man not wearing a seat belt and discovered that his passenger had an open container of beer. The passenger exited the vehicle and began to leave the scene. When the officer told him to stop, he threw down his can of Natural Light and began walking toward the officer. After about two steps, the passenger thought better of his course of action and took off running.

When the officer caught up with him, he ordered him to stop and told him if he didn't, he would be Tasered. The man submitted to being handcuffed and said, "I only ran because of the beer."

A check of his pockets, however, yielded a plastic bag containing "a white powdery substance suspected to be cocaine."

He may have run because of the beer, but he was arrested because of the cocaine.

Green damage

An employee of Indian Creek Golf Course reported that someone drove a cart across the first and 10th greens, causing damage. Worse, at the 10th green, a large fan was damaged. Total damages were estimated to be $1,250.