Newton Citizen Poll 8/2/2008

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"This is in regard to comments about prices at our local Goodwills. I am an avid shopper at our Covington store, and I am very pleased with their prices. I know there are some high-price items, but their store is one of the cleanest stores I've been in. Plus their employees are very nice and make you want to come back. There is one woman, she is the supervisor, and she is so sweet and very helpful. So please go and shop there - you will love the prices and people."

"In my comment in the Citizen Poll on 7/26 regarding property foreclosures, some of the words were not printed as I wrote them. I used 'liened' and it was printed as 'licensed.' Instead of 'liened' I should have used 'placed a lien' so that spell check wouldn't change the whole meaning of my sentence."

"Newton citizens, be aware! Get out and vote. Take note of who is benefiting from the promises being made. For instance, I know that a particular candidate wants to eliminate all property taxes to senior (the fancy high gloss mailer in my mailbox told me so). It sounds sweet and nice to help those on 'fixed incomes.' Well, last I heard that particular candidate has a ton of property himself and a huge net worth and is probably close to being one of those eligible for SSI benefits. So guess who gets stuck paying higher property taxes? There should be limits to those exclusions! We have a lot of senior citizens that have net worths that are more than some of us hard-working younger citizens will make in a lifetime. We still have to pay into Social Security even though we will never see any benefit. Yes, give exclusion to those that need it, with limits. Don't take everything they promise at face value. There is a cost to every one of those promises."

"To the people on Robin Road in Covington who are letting their dogs run loose, please stop. They are messing in my yard. This is frustrating for me, as a dog owner who takes responsibility for and cleans up after my own dog. Thank you."

"With the recent announcement of three new hotels coming to the Covington area, two of which will include conference centers, I find it appalling the Newton County BOC is still pursuing the hotel/civic center adjacent to the Courthouse Annex. The private sector is taking care of the private sector needs, as it should according to market demands and needs. Local government has no place in the hotel business. In an area already congested with limited parking being an issue, and the expansion of government offices at some point in the future inevitable, this project will place more un-necessary burdens upon the taxpayers of Newton County. With all due respect to Mr. Boothby, his assessment that this is, as he called it, 'a break it or make it deal' is partially correct in the fact this hotel will break the taxpayers in the end. At this point the best decision the BOC should arrive at is scraping the hotel and purchasing the old Wal-Mart site as the location of the new Civic Center. The area adjacent to the Courthouse Annex could be used as green space until future expansion requires otherwise. Covington has six hotels currently operating and three more slated to begin construction soon. There just isn't a demand for that many hotel rooms in Newton County. There are many county infrastructure problems this money could be allocated for that would benefit and serve the taxpayers better than this project. How about addressing some intersection and road improvements instead. Wake up people before it's too late. It ain't rocket science, and Newton County isn't the tourist attraction of the South."

"The Rockdale Citizen reported the arrest of two alleged Newton County drug traffickers. The Atlanta Journal reports that a north Atlanta suburb is a center of Mexican drug cartel activity, says a U.S. attorney for North Georgia. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports Gwinnett County has seen an increase in drug-related kidnappings this year. The area attracts cartels because of easy transportation on I-85 and a large Hispanic population which makes it easier for traffickers to blend in. Federal officials say the cartels are clashing with each other, leading to more violence. Our Newton County Hispanic population is growing. Do you (the apponted and elected law enforcement officals) still think it was a wise decision to disband the East Metro Drug Task Force?"

"You know, every day when I put on my uniform and clock in I strive to do my job professionally. I love my job. I work hard to keep my job. Ever since the sheriff's election I have been told not to get involved - for that I could lose my job. The further we get in this election I see my supervisors helping the candidates. I will tell you why we are told this. It is because we know the truth and, trust me, some can't handle the truth. It is wrong, just wrong. They expect me to vote for the next sheriff. Hell I even pay the sheriff's salary, but I am told I can't get involved. This is America, people ... "

"On Sept. 11, 2008, it will have been seven years since the terrorist attacks on America. Three thousand were killed in the terrorist attacks. As of today, 4,125 Americans have been killed in the latest Iraq war. As of today, Osama Bin Laden has not been brought to justice. I am simply summarizing the latest news for my fellow Americans."

My daughter and I attended the Back to School Block Party this past weekend on the Square. As a Newton County resident, I was appalled by this event that took place in our county that was supposed to help benefit all of the students and start off the school year on a good note. It did the opposite. After waiting in line for more than an hour to pick up her free school supplies and back pack, I was told that she could not get anything because she was in Pre-K and that this event was not for her and supposedly only for kindergarten through sixth grade. Pre-K students still go to school and have to have school supplies too, and nothing they advertised about the event said no Pre-K students, so why was she not given the same consideration as everyone else in line?

Saw another ad on TV this evening, celebrating the15th anniversay of the Georgia Lottery. Thousands of dollars awarded to winners - lots of smiling faces. To all who play the lottery, ask yourself and ask others, if it's such a success, why are the Georgia schools still number 50 in the nation? Where is the benefit to the Georgia schools? Where is the money going?

I certainly don't think Al Gore was a stellar presidential candidate (though I'd have voted for anyone but Bush), nor that he's necessarily a model human being, but to scoff at him and the people who adopt his cause as "Greenies" just shows your ignorance. If the leaders of our government had begun to take the search for alternative energy sources seriously decades ago, most American families wouldn't be suffering from sticker shock at the pump and on their utility bills TODAY. Instead of ridiculing people who have made the care of our Earth their mission in life, why don't you do your own part and conserve where you can--carpool, combine several trips into one, recycle, shut off the lights or television when they're not needed. The fact that you'll be worm food in a few years doesn't negate the fact that, God willing, this planet has many years ahead of it--as do many of its inhabitants. And while our governmental leaders--out of ignorance or avarice or both--a

re still not buying into the gravity of global warming (a.k.a. "global climate change"), the fact remains that we should all strive to preserve and nurture our surroundings because it's the RIGHT THING TO DO. Don't contribute to the problem by spreading to others the poison of your ignorance.

Randy Upton you set the hook sir now reel it in we can see that the tens of thousands of dollars cotton has spent just to have a name of fame. I bet if you was to ask any law enforcement officers they would agree that a wrong technicality could cause fatalities and that is a price that can he can't pay