Krystal employee finds restaurant's safe empty

COVINGTON - Covington police were called to Krystal restaurant on U.S. Highway 278 on Saturday morning when the first shift supervisor called them to say she had arrived at work to find the safe empty.

According to an incident report completed by Covington Police Department Officer David Stewart, the supervisor told him that when she opened the restaurant at 5 a.m. all exterior doors were locked and secure, but once inside, she noticed that the safe was unlocked.

She then opened the door and discovered the deposit from the second shift, which ended at 1 a.m., was not in the safe as usual. Paperwork indicated receipts totaling $2,482.81 should have been in the safe.

The woman said she contacted the bank to see if by chance a night deposit had been made, but the bank said it had not.

According to CPD Lt. Wendell Wagstaff, detectives are investigating the theft and will want to talk with anyone who has had any association with the restaurant in recent months.

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