Letter - Perspective page a great place to explore morality

To the editor:

I found your column "Where has the positive news gone?" very interesting and thought provoking. To be a credible newspaper, it is essential that truth be the guiding principle. News should be factual, as best as is humanly possible, absent any distortion or misleading intent.

It is most unfortunate that truth is often lost on contemporary society, when the harsh truth is, human dignity demands it. It is the key to peaceful co-existence of all mankind. Ignoring truth is a cultural cancerous malignancy. Truthful reporting of positive or negative information is needed for any community to take corrective/remedial action.

Most often, the reporting of violent criminal acts, when viewed from the cause-and-effect aspect, deals only with the effects of the crime and ignores the cause, which is an issue of morality. It does not appear to be a well understood truth that greed, defined as "an acquisitive desire beyond reason" is at the root of all crime, and is manifest in a multitude of ways, all of which demonstrate a lack of respect for the well being of others.

It seems that the media, as a whole, have elected to avoid the issue of morality, perhaps thinking it to be a subject better left to clergy. Considering the recent, highly publicized tirade of the so-called "Reverend" Wright against American values, that doesn't seem to be a very good idea. When judged by the "cardinal virtues," of Prudence, Justice, Temperance, and Fortitude, Mr. Wright and his ilk are total failures.

Your reporting of the negative is vital to keeping the public informed. However, I believe it more important that you use the opportunity you have in promoting a proactive response to criminal behavior. If we are to survive as a civilized society, there must be a renewed respect for rules, regulations, and respect for the rule of law. The opinion page is the ideal opportunity to arouse awareness of our rapid descension toward anarchy, a state of lawlessness. I believe that would make the authors of the First Amendment very proud.

Grady Mullins