Investigators seek 2nd man in shooting

COVINGTON - Two men got into a fight on Puckett Street about 9 p.m. Sunday, with the altercation escalating to a point when they fired guns at each other, according to the Newton County Sheriff's Office.

Jabbar Brackeen Davis, 23, of 2145 Columbia Drive, Decatur, was arrested in connection with the incident and investigators are still seeking the second person involved with the gunplay.

NCSO Lt. Bill Watterson said the fight took place at 10171 Puckett St., a residence just outside the Covington city limits. When the 911 call went out, patrol units from both the city and county went to the location where bystanders told them one of the men had fled in his car.

Watterson said the tag number was dispatched and a CPD patrol unit identified the vehicle turning onto Jefferson Avenue. The suspect then led CPD Officer Mitch Nicholson on a short chase, running a stop sign on Collier Street, then onto Kirk Street and again running a stop sign at Pineview Drive.

"The driver then continued up Pineview Drive, going back toward Puckett Street. The driver then slammed on the brakes in the curve of Pineview Drive and fled the vehicle on foot towards Lassister Street," the officer said in an incident report.

It was at this point that the suspect exited his automobile and ran into some bushes and what Nicholson described as "very thick briars."

The officer said the suspect was lying on his left hand and despite repeated commands to show the officer his hands, the suspect refused to do so, causing the officer to deploy his Taser. He said the suspect again failed to obey commands and he Tasered him a second time. The suspect then brought both of his hands out and placed them behind his back.

"(He) was entangled in some very thick briars, so I then had to cut him free with my pocket knife," Nicholson said.

Emergency medical help was summoned to check out the suspect's injuries from the Taser gun and the briars and he was "cleared on scene," according to Nicholson.

The officer said a .45-caliber Smith and Wesson handgun was found beside the suspect's car and a .45-caliber round was found in his pocket.

Watterson said .45-caliber casings were found at the scene.

Davis was charged with multiple traffic violations by the CPD and aggravated assault, possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon by NCSO.

Watterson said the investigation is continuing into the incident and the second suspect is being sought.

"We did not receive a lot of cooperation at the scene, nor did we receive cooperation from Mr. Davis, and we are still following up several leads," he said.

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