Citizen comes away with three awards in annual AP contest

The Newton Citizen won three awards in the annual Georgia Associated Press Association contest, with staff writer Crystal Tatum picking up a second-place win and a third-place win and staff photographer Sue Ann Kuhn-Smith scoring a second-place win.

The awards were announced Saturday in Atlanta.

Tatum won second place in the Public Service Writing category for her series of stories dealing with lagging Newton EMS response times.

She won third place in the Feature Writing category for her story "An adventure is completed" about a man who successfully completed a five-month hike of the entire Appalachian Trail.

Kuhn-Smith snagged her second-place win in the Feature Photo category for her entry, "A Dazzling Display," featuring a hummingbird gathering nectar.

The Newton Citizen competes in Class A, which includes all Georgia newspapers with circulations fewer than 10,000.