On the Beat: Residential area hunting still illegal

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

COVINGTON - Perhaps someone has taken up night hunting in a residential area with a handgun; if so, it's against the law.

NCSO Deputies were called to Mountain View Drive when a couple said they heard a gunshot from their front yard around 3:30 a.m. They went outside and saw a deer "flopping around on the ground."

Deputies discovered the deer was shot in the side, the slug coming to rest behind the left shoulder. "The projectile appeared to be from a 9 mm handgun," the report said.

The woman told deputies her two children were sleeping on the side of the house where the deer was shot.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources was notified.

· In another neighborhood shooting incident, a group of neighbors living in the Ga. Highway 212/Fincher Road area complained to the NCSO that a man in their community was shooting a .22-caliber rifle in his yard. When contacted, the man assured deputies he only "shoots in the direction of his residence."

Guard meds

A woman from East Dollar Circle called the Newton County Sheriff's Office and told them some unknown person or persons had removed some prescription drugs from her purse. She also said her purse was inside her home and some "friends" had been over for a visit.

Another woman called the CPD to say she'd left two prescriptions in the front seat of her vehicle while at the Newton County Medical Center emergency room. When she returned to her car, the prescriptions were gone.

Yet another woman called the CPD and said she'd left her prescription drugs in her car while she went into Wal-Mart. When she returned they were gone. She said she needed a police report so she could get a refill.

Hide valuables

· A couple whose Chevrolet Tahoe was parked in front of Baptist Tabernacle on Access Road around 7:30 p.m. reported to the CPD that someone smashed their front window and took the woman's purse. Credit cards and other miscellaneous personal items were in the purse, but perhaps the most valuable thing was the purse itself - a Coach brand, valued at approximately $200.

· A juvenile notified the CPD that he was in Pizza Hut on U.S. Highway 278 at 9 p.m. with a group of friends when he noticed a black man in his unlocked Nissan Frontier. When confronted, the juvenile said the man told him he had a gun, that his name was Johnny and then ran off in the direction of CVS Pharmacy.

The man was described as approximately 5 feet, 10 inches tall, weighing about 150 pounds, in his 40s, with no teeth, and with a mustache. He was wearing a long black jacket, blue jeans and a ball cap.

Missing was between $80 and $100 taken from a wallet left on the front seat of the vehicle.

Too tempting

A man told NCSO deputies that he was pulling a black Carry-On utility trailer behind his vehicle when he was involved in an accident near Home Depot on Ga. Highway 142. Following the wreck, he left his trailer in Home Depot's parking lot overnight, but when he returned it was missing. Home Depot's manager said the store did not have the trailer, which was valued at $698, removed.

Shoplifting - Is it worth it?

A man was arrested for allegedly stealing four packs of cigarettes and a packet of chicken from Food Depot. Total value of the items was $20.88.

Another man was arrested for allegedly stealing two bottles of tea tree oil from Sally's Beauty Supply on Turner Lake Road. The total value of the items was $10.58.

An elderly woman was observed leaving Kroger without paying for a cart full of groceries. Employees gave chase and she abandoned the groceries valued at $148 in the parking lot and drove off, almost running down the employees who were after her.

Broken windshield

A woman called the Covington Police Department around 1 a.m. recently and reported that while traveling west on Old Atlanta Highway in her 2004 Mazda, near the Interstate 20 overpass, an object struck her front windshield, which police say sustained a large hole.

The woman said she thought someone might have thrown something at her and she stopped her vehicle and walked back along the bridge, but did not see anyone.

A series of such incidents has been reported in recent months along the roadways in Covington and Newton County.

Sweet revenge?

A woman notified NCSO deputies recently that when she went to her car on Sunday morning prepared to go to church, she found that "someone had shoved a large amount of cake, cookies and sugar in her gas tank," according to an incident report.

She told deputies that she had trouble sleeping and had observed a car stopped in front of her home around 3 a.m. and saw a man exit the vehicle, but didn't pay any attention to what he was doing.

She did, however, go on to say that her husband had sold a car to man a few days before and the man she saw in front of their home bore a striking resemblance to the customer. She didn't know the individual's name, but said he was dissatisfied with his purchase and had demanded a refund.

Auto revenge

· A woman spared no expense when she decided to send her ex-boyfriend a not-too-friendly message. She dumped gasoline onto his vehicle and ran over his mailbox trying to get away.

When NCSO deputies caught up with her, they arrested her on a charge of DUI.

The ex-boyfriend did not want to press charges for the gas bath, but, curiously, he did want her to suffer the legal consequences for destroying his mailbox.

· A woman contacted NCSO deputies to say she believed her soon-to-be ex-spouse disconnected the battery cables to her Jeep. She was advised to contact the Sheriff's Office if he returned.

Water mystery solved

The daughter who is looking after property belonging to her father seems to have figured out why the property had a $3,000 water bill in August. Now, she wants to know who caused $2,000 worth of plumbing damages.

The woman told CPD officers that during a pre-sale inspection, it was discovered that copper water pipes under the house located on Ellen Court had been cut and removed.

Pitching a fit

The former employee of a day care center disrupted operations when she loudly demanded a pay check for past work and threatened a co-worker with two "--- whippings." Before leaving she swept items from a shelf, breaking a vase and other glass objects. There were 21 children in the lunchroom who could see and hear the disruption, according to an NCSO incident report.

No more tattoos

A woman reported that $2,000 worth of tattooing equipment had been taken from her residence in the early morning hours. She told police the names of a couple she had allowed to live in her home "to help them out," who departed the same time as the equipment went missing.

Tell the truth

· CPD officers stopped a man in the vicinity of Krystal on U.S. 278 who had been reported carrying a large knife in a white plastic bag. Upon searching the man, officers discovered a 12-inch knife in his pants under his jacket. When asked his name, he gave officers the name of George Maddox Jr., but when a computer search revealed no such person, he remembered his name was Curtis Greene. He was arrested and charged with carrying a concealed weapon and giving a false name to a police officer.

· Another man apparently forgot his date of birth when officers asked for his identification. An 18-year-old woman couldn't get her roommates to open the door for her to enter her apartment and she called the CPD. After knocking for several minutes, officers were successful in getting a man to the door, who admitted he didn't live there. When officers tried to find out what he was doing at the apartment, he grew "very belligerent" according to an incident report.

During a continued discussion, he reluctantly told officers his name and said he was born on the 18th of August. A computer search showed no such person on file. However, his mother got involved in the situation and straightened everything out for him. She told officers he was born on the 10th of August.

This information made all the difference as they found he was indeed on file with an outstanding warrant out of Rockdale County for failure to appear to answer charges for a traffic citation.

His bad luck didn't end there, however. When he was patted down during the arrest, he was found to have a small amount of a "green leafy substance" on him. He was arrested on the outstanding warrant and also issued a citation for having less than 1 ounce of suspected marijuana.

Free pot

A woman notified the NCSO that she had her car in the shop for repairs at a Newton County car dealership and when it was returned to her there was marijuana inside.

Stolen carpet

A home builder reported to the NCSO that someone had stolen 2,000 square feet of carpeting that had already been installed in a new home. Even the portions of carpet installed in the closets were taken, according to the incident report.

Where'd it go?

A woman told NCSO deputies she left her boyfriend's blue 2006 Dodge Magnum running in the driveway while she went inside a residence on Village Drive around 7 a.m. When she went back out, the car was gone.