NHS student arrested after BB gun found

COVINGTON - Newton County Sheriff's Office deputies arrested two men in the Newton High School parking lot Friday about 3 p.m., one of whom had a BB pistol.

According to Investigator Sharron Stewart, deputies were on alert for possible problems at the school the last day before spring break.

"We had a call about some problems there, and deputies were patrolling to prevent any fights from occurring," she said, adding that police found the two suspicious men parked in a 1990 Honda in the school's lower parking lot.

A search of the vehicle revealed that student Dominique David Copeland of 35 Carrington Circle had a C02 BB pistol hidden underneath the front seat of his car. He was arrested and charged with carrying a weapon in a school safety zone.

His passenger, Montel Wallace, 18, was found to have an outstanding bench warrant and he was arrested, as well.

Stewart said even though the gun only shot BBs, it qualifies as a weapon and is prohibited from being carried on school property, both by the school system and Georgia law.

"It goes against the school zero tolerance for weapons of any kind on school property (rule). Certainly, students have been suspended for a lot less," she said.