Women charged with destroying property in fights

COVINGTON - There are at least two Newton County men who can attest to the truism, "When mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."

A man called 911 and when CPD officers arrived told them he and his girlfriend had gotten into an argument and she had become "extremely irate," destroying property and chasing him with a butcher knife.

Officer A. Folden went to Monticello Street about 9 p.m. on Sunday and arrested Chiquita Bulger, 18, of 8100-C Ga. Highway 36, and charged her with simple battery and criminal trespass.

The man told the officer Bulger "caused damage to the household by tearing off the dishwasher door; smashing the phone, remote control and stereo into pieces; overturning furniture; and throwing plants, papers, etc. Also, she smashed the living room window and caused it to shatter."

When she finished with those things, the woman allegedly turned on the boyfriend.

"She grabbed a butcher knife and started to run after (him) yelling she was going to cut him," the report stated.

The man ran to his upstairs neighbor and asked if he could use her phone to call 911.

The woman admitted to destroying the items and running after the man with the butcher knife, according to the incident report.

In another incident, a Turner Lake Circle man notified the CPD on March 30 that he observed a woman flattening all four tires of her boyfriend's vehicle and breaking the front passenger window. When police arrived, the woman admitted to damaging the 1985 Cutlass and went on to say she had also done some damage to the man's trailer, according to an incident report completed by Officer Donald Jones.

Laquita M. Lett, 25, of 6348 Turner Lake Circle, was arrested and charged with criminal damage to property.

Jones said later when the boyfriend came home, he called the CPD and asked for an officer to meet him at his residence. While there, Jones said he observed that three glass table tops had been broken, damaging a coffee table, an end table and a dining room table. Also, bleach had been poured on the living room sofa and love seat and a lamp had been broken.

The damage to the vehicle was estimated to be about $550 and the damage to the interior of the home was estimated to be $2,200.

According to the incident report, the charges against Lett will be upgraded to a felony.