To the editor: Elected officials have served the community well in Rockdale area

First, I want to congratulate the five citizens that are running in the upcoming city election. In a democracy, it is vital that citizens take an interest in their community, whether by serving on committees or by taking the most honorable act of service in running for an elected post.

The foundation of any great community is its citizens, and this community has been blessed these past years with elected men and women with no agenda other than to believe in their community and who are willing to sacrifice their time to make a difference.

It has been stated that "the city of Conyers and Rockdale County operate in competition with one another." I respectfully disagree.

I have served this community as an elected official for the past 18 years, and I have not seen better cooperation and unity at any time among the city and county governments.

You presently have elected city/county officials and their staffs that understand the big picture, that only by working together can we accomplish great things for this community. This could not be more evident than by:

' The formation of a joint City/County ED Council, where you have a former mayor and a former commissioner working side by side

' City/county elected officials working together for our transportation needs and the passing of a joint SPLOST for our community

' Working together for a collaborative plan for the beautification of our corridors on Interstate 20

' A joint study committee to formulate a vision for the redevelopment of the governmental historic district

' Planning departments talking with one another on policy decisions

' Our city/county public safety men and women working together to make our community safer

These are the indisputable facts, and these positives are intertwined in this community in every facet.

It has been stated, "No more acceptances of community issues that are politically disguised to mislead us ..." I respectfully disagree. My city council works as a team that is built on honesty and integrity and has a shared vision that is transparent to the public that's put their trust in us. Simply stated, we do the people's work.

It has been stated, "that to hold our local government accountable exists as a figment of our imagination." I respectfully disagree.

My city council represents everyone, and they are inclusive in representing the people and looking at all issues and providing solutions for them. We are not only accountable to the people, but we are accountable to ourselves.

During this election, as with any election, turn a deafening ear to the negative rhetoric. Look closely at the candidate's vision, what they have contributed to this community and their willingness to work countless hours to improve upon our great community through their collaborative and successful commitment to service.

- Randy Mills

Mayor, Conyers