NCSO: 2 break into residence

COVINGTON - Newton County authorities are searching for two men who reportedly broke into the apartment of a couple on Gross Lake Parkway earlier this month.

According to one of the victims, she and her husband were awakened shortly after 5 a.m. Oct. 21, by two armed black men who kicked in the front door of their home, Newton County Sheriff Office Deputy Patrick Gilbert said in an incident report.

The gunmen then asked where the money was and began looking through the victims' closet and dressers, NCSO spokesman Lt. Bill Watterson said.

The men also took the keys to victims' cars and searched them.

"When (the perpetrators) were unable to locate any cash, they took (the victims') cell phones, the keys to their vehicles and left the apartment," Watterson said.

The robbers were reportedly going to take the couple's 2004 Nissan Maxima when they were startled by deputies and fled.

One of the robbers was said to be about 6 feet tall, weighing 180 pounds, wearing a black hooded shirt with yellow and white patches. He was also reportedly armed with a handgun.

The other man, who was armed with a rifle with a wood frame stock, was believed to be about 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighed 130 pounds. He was also wearing a dark hooded shirt and blue jeans.

In other crime news, a pizza delivery driver was allegedly robbed at gunpoint after he gave a man a ride.

Authorities said the victim, who works for Pizza Inn on Ga. Highway 81, was

putting pizzas in his vehicle on the evening of Oct. 19, when he was approached by a white man asking for a ride to a nearby convenience store.

The victim allowed the man to ride in the backseat, but when they arrived at the store, the man reportedly pulled a chrome, semi-automatic handgun on the deliveryman and told him to keep driving.

The robber then took $120 from the victim, as well as his cell phone. He then told the driver to return to the store and got out of the car. The victim returned to the restaurant and called 911.

Watterson said investigators are reviewing the store's surveillance camera footage, which they hope will yield some clues as to the man's identity.

Anyone with information about either of these incidents is asked to call the NCSO at 678-625-1403. Tips can be given to the NCSO anonymously at 678-625-5007 or through their Web site by visiting www.newtonsheriffga.org and clicking on "anonymous tip line." Those who want a response from NCSO personnel should leave contact information.

Joel Griffin can be reached at joel.griffin@newtoncitizen.com.