Newton Citizen Poll

"As I read this week's Citizen Poll I read where someone said place a moratorium on housing permits until we can get rid of some of these empty houses that are on every corner of these new subdivisions. I agree with this 100 percent, but do you realize how many lawsuits the county or city would face if they tried to ban new housing developments, regardless of how many empty houses we see sitting with no one living in them or how ever long this drought will persist. People have a right to try to make a living, and if they are a developer then that's their line of work. I have lived here all my life and a lot of the newcomers even have the nerve to say we should stop all of the growth that's coming this way, but you all should consider the reasons you moved here and think maybe that's why the next person wants to live here. It's affordable (not counting the city of Covington's utility bills), we have interstate access, we're only 10 minutes from the shopping in Conyers and 15 minutes from Stonecrest and about 45 minutes from Atlanta. So these are a lot of factors for people wanting to live here, and as long as developers recognize this they are going to continue to build here. One way to slow growth in my opinion would be to change the allowable density for the rest of the undeveloped land on the west side of the county to slow that side down, and they've already done this for east Newton County. And we should have better standards for how the houses look in this county. I mean, they raised the minimum square footage and still I've seen new houses around here that look like they were built as part of a fifth-grade project for extra credit."

On Channel 13 Community Bulletin Board, Charter

Communications advertises: FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE -



"A tip of the hat and a great big 'thank you' to Charter Communications for flushing Turner Classic Movies from their expanded basic Cable Menu. That only narrows our chance of watching an old, well made, good movie to almost zero now. My very reason for even having cable TV was Gospel Music TV channel - and now it's on the premium lineup - you gotta pay extra for this one. So, now, we have some replacements that very few people have a desire to watch. They've doubled the number of Spanish-speaking channels and sports channels coming out the ying yang. Sorry, I don't press 'one' for English. All the sports viewing and useless, mindless infomercial programs are annoying. My TV remote can't figure out why it's stuck on 'mute!' Charter Communications needs to tread softly to avoid revenue loss from membership cancellations. Time will tell."

"In response to the 'first generation American' whom was born to illegal aliens that slipped across the Rio; Congratulations on being a first generation American and the child of illegals taking advantage of the American way, and used you as a way into this country. And thank you for attempting to change my opinion and views. You did an admirable job; however, you failed. Even moreso, in disappointing you further, I'm one of 'those Americans' that thinks the Constitution of the United States should be ammended so that children of illegal aliens are not awarded automatic citizenship because the child was born on American soil. I'm looking forward to the day that amendment is placed on the ballots for the American public to decide. Like you, and several others that called or wrote in, I have performed jobs that had little or no dignity, but I did them with pride and the fact being, it was a job and it needed doing, therefore I did the best I could. During my days of working others, being an employer, I did employ several Mexicans. Three to be exact. I can still remember their names. None of them lasted a week. They said I worked too hard and expected too much. I guess that's the reason it takes an eight-man crew to do what I did with three men, including myself, in the same amount of time. But I have never asked anyone to do anything I wouldn't do myself, nor did I expect anyone to work any harder than I did. I only expected them to keep up. That's the one thing I can't understand; they either couldn't or wouldn't. Now for the record, If a foreigner wants to come to this country through the legal channels offered by the United States Immigration Services, so be it. I welcome them. But to those that slip across our borders and play the 'cut-throat' price-cutting game and then take advantage of our system to top it off, be forewarned. As an American citizen, taxpayer and voter, I will call upon my elected representatives as many times as it takes, and use every resource in my power to convince them to take action and send those people home. And I encourage others to do likewise. And no argument you make or anything you say will change that opinion. They're criminals, send them home. Simple solution for a simple problem. Besides, I'm tired of dialing 1 for English."

"Calling all Christians! I would like to ask for people to pray for Lanny Barnes and his family, as well as the victims and their family. I pray for forgiveness for Lanny Barnes. I pray for peace for his family. I pray not only for healing, but also that this tragedy will not harm the spiritual walk of Paul Casola and his family, so that he may continue to pastor his church according to God's will and God's word. I call all Christians to do as called for in Luke, Chapter 6, 'Be merciful as your Father is merciful, do not judge and you will not be judged, do not condemn and you will not be condemned, forgive and you will be forgiven.' I am a taxpayer, so my money is paying for Lanny Barnes' defense (along with all the other criminals in our jails/prisons) and for his medical bills (along with the other criminals in our jails/prisons) and am also paying for a lot of other controversial things, such as health care for illegal immigrants. While I agree there are many areas where tax reform is needed, I hope not to compromise my values of caring for all people, and valuing all life. While my mistakes are not viewed by society to be as drastic as the mistakes made by Lanny Barnes, I have made them and am very thankful that God is merciful."

The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily to meet their quota of getting free food donated every day to abused and neglected animals. It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on "feed an animal in need" for free. It's in a purple box in the middle of the page This doesn't cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals in exchange for advertising. Here's the web site! Pass it along to people you know. http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com.

It has been reported that flushing the toilet is the biggest use of water in the home. Here are two ways to cut back on that water usage. Remove the drain pipe trap from under the kitchen and bathroom sinks and place a bucket under the sink drains, then use this water to flush the toilets. Another way to conserve is to not flush the toilet after each use. Here is a way to remember how and when to flush. "If it'sYELLOW, let it MELLOW, but if it's BROWN, flush it DOWN". One more way to save water is to give the kids a sponge bath at the sink instead of running the tub full of water to give them a bath. When I was a child the adults also used this method to take a bath. It worked for millions of people and I can't remember anyone dying or drowning from taking a sponge bath.We also caught rainwater in barrels and used this water to wash our clothes and take our sponge baths in order to save our well water for drinking and cooking. Thousands of gallons of water each day could be saved if everyone in Newton and other counties would just follow these suggestions. Everyone needs to do their part to conserve water, it is our most important resource.