Covington Elkadettes Welcome Girls' State Speaker

Amelia Daniel of Eastside High School, a recipient of the annual award given by the Covington Elkadettes, recently spoke to the members about her experiences at Girls' State this summer. The past State Auxiliary President and past Elkadette President, Mrs. Lula Vaughn Smith Rachels, now an honorary member, introduced Amelia to members present.

Amelia has attended Eastside for four years and plans to graduate this December. After graduation, she expects to attend Georgia State. Amelia's mother is a teacher at Eastside.

At the Elkadette meeting, Amelia shared some of the important aspects of government she learned at Girls' State, including history of the flag, what it stands for, and even how to fold it properly. She spoke of the importance of striving to work together with others to accomplish what you want to get done, how laws really affect us, and the valuable significance of knowing beforehand issues you are voting for or against. She also was instrumental in writing and performing a script which led to the election of a girl running for State Representative.

Girls' State was a fruitful experience for Amelia. She made new friends and was able to share her ideas with a group of young women, who aspire to make the world a better place for us all. Amelia concluded her speech with an example of how not to get in a bad situation as a woman.

After school hours at Eastside, Amelia works for a local chiropractor. She certainly sets an example as a young person of excellence.