Newton Citizen Poll 11-24-07

This week's Citizen Poll was an open line ...

"I read where the late singer James Brown's Foundation is still planning to give out free turkeys for the holidays to the needy and that the Rev. Al Sharpton is scheduled to hand out the first turkey. Bless his heart, Rev. Sharpton seldom does anything out of the goodness of his heart. I wonder how much that first turkey's going to cost the James Brown Foundation?"

"Is it just me or does it seem like supermarkets hike the prices on their merchandise just before holidays? Items that were a lot less last week jumped quite a bit this week in price. Could it be the old supply and demand routine - or are they blaming the rising cost of oil for this, too?"

"I was curious to know that with Lake Varner being closed for boat launching can you still fish from the bank and kayak on the lake? Also, can we still go and use the picnic tables?"

Editor's Note: The lake has been closed to all boating and fishing. Access to the Overlook trails and picnic areas has not been affected.

"O.J. is going to trial again. Let's just hope that the new jury will consider the case not the race."

"For those of us - and there are many it seems - who are unhappy with the services of Charter Communication: I have thought of a way to hopefully deal more directly with them about our opinions, complaints and suggestions. My suggestion is to cut out every article written for the paper and everyone's opinion as written in the Citizen Poll and mail it to them as often as they appear in the paper. I called Charter twice to verify their mailing address which is Charter Communications, P.O. Box 9001945, Louisville, KY 40290-1945. I was told it is their customer service address. Each and every week with every article from everyone that is a lot of mail with a lot of complaints and suggestions. Now, granted they all go in the trash, but since there are so many complaints so often and phone calls obviously haven't helped, maybe seeing it on paper might. It is worth a try. I have a tendency to get behind on reading the paper, so right now I have quite a few to send in. My family is like everyone else: Channels such as Turner Classic Movies, the DIY, and even the technical channel are sorely missed. There are far too many sports and Spanish channels. Basic Cable is definitely not as well rounded as it was before, and we absolutely do not care to pay Charter any more than that. So, for the person who more or less chastised all of us for not attending the meeting before the sale, etc., in the opinion poll, maybe they will see that this can be a proactive way after the fact that we can push for changes to a service that so many of us are unhappy about."

"I was calling about Barry Bonds getting indicted. First of all, there is absolutely no way he should be in the Hall of Fame. He should never be rewarded for cheating, there is no way. My second comment is just simply that it just seems to me a lot of big-time athletes are just dragging the word sports through the mud. Like, well, Michael Vick and whoever. I just think it is a shame. That is one of the reasons why I don't watch that many pro sports teams. I prefer to watch college because they are not involved in that stuff."

I don't know if you can stand another letter about Charter Communications, but I bit the bullet and signed up for the package that would give me TCM. Then, without notifying me, and without any regard for the agreement we had, they moved TCM to a different package. I had paid $15 more to get the package with TCM and now they want an additional $10 to get it back.

I don't understand why everyone is so worked up over the sale of RMC. Personally, I am elated about the sale. RMC is a sorry excuse for a hospital. The waiting is horrendous, the care pathetic and bedside manner is a thing of the past. I hope Signature can clean it up, take pride in the hospital and start giving people some decent medical care. Right now, I wouldn't want to take my dog to that hospital, much less a memeber of my family or myself. I hate RMC as it is today. I pray Signature steps up to the plate and makes a difference in this county's medical care. Thank you.