Friends of Porterdale encourage sale of memorial bricks for gym

The Friends of Porterdale will be joining several local holiday events to encourage the purchase of memorial bricks for the Porterdale Memorial Gym. Money from the sale of the bricks will go to rebuilding the historic Porterdale gym. Prior to the gym being rebuilt, the bricks will be placed around the downtown Porterdale area. Once the gym is rebuilt, the bricks will be moved to lie in the walkway leading to the gym.

A 4-inch by 8-inch brick will have up to 20 letter or number spaces per line and up to three lines on each brick. The brick sells for $50.

There are also 8-inch by 8-inch bricks that will have 20 spaces per line and up to six lines if needed. The large brick sells for $100. Both bricks are laser engraved

Visit http://www.friendsofporterdaleinc.org/events/bricks/brick.html to place an order or get additional information.