Newton Citizen Poll 11-17-07

"I wish people would stop complaining about Charter cable and just switch to satellite like I did. And to the person complaining about Covington and metro Atlanta, please hurry and leave. I assure you that we who love it here will not shed a tear or change our daily routine just because you want to leave. It may be overrated to you because you didn't find success here, but I guess the other 2.5 million people who moved to metro Atlanta over the last 20 years must have had better luck than you because they're still here, with more on the way. So have a safe trip out of Georgia."

"I have been amazed in the past by some of the comments published in the Citizen Poll. I am impressed by the Citizen's willingness to publish some readers' opinions. However, I think it would have been better if someone from the Citizen had published a response to the comment about Barack Obama and the pledge of allegiance. A simple 'Google' shows that the comment is a vicious e-mail attack, and untrue, yet many readers may not have access to computers and will believe that Mr. Obama refused to say the pledge. I am not an Obama supporter, (Go Richardson!) but it is not in the best interest of our community for the paper to perpetuate myths."

"In the most recent Newton Citizen Poll, you all published a message requesting readers to send holiday cards for wounded and recovering soldiers to Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Please see information at the following link indicating that Walter Reed will NOT accept such cards for safety reasons. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1923523/posts."

"The qualification for elected office is not what a candidate can do for the people, but where they live. Think about this for a minute. The city is made up of the haves and have nots, better known as the West Ward and the East Ward. In the West Ward you have the have nots and in the East Ward you have the haves. Majority of the voters in the East Ward think that a candidate should reside south of Floyd Street to be qualified to run or hold public office. They do not judge the candidate by how well they can serve the city and the people or look at their platform; they are judged only by where they live. We ask what is wrong with our political system and the politics. We need to look at the people that vote. They will vote for candidates that have no platform and have told you naught about what they stand for. Yet you go right ahead and keep them in office because they live in the right community. When are you, the voters, going to wake up and stop voting the haves and the have nots way or the population contest. It's time we put people in office that are dedicated to serving all of the people and not just where their residents are. I hope that one day in politics the people that run for office will not be judged by black and white, east and west or the haves and have nots. This letter may upset some people, but think about it and look at the big picture. You may agree with me then."

About the 3-year-old that killed that dog. In the article it sounded as if the child was pretty much roaming free and playing in the neighborhood. Is that true? Where was the child's parents? Who in their right mind would let a 3-year-old go play alone in the neighborhood? I would think that somebody would be checking in on why he was allowed to roam free. No wonder children are the way that they are!

Once again, the "experts" have missed a call. A month or so back, we were told by some of the weather and agricultural folks on TV that we would have a poor display of fall leaf color because of the drought. I just got back in from several stops around Covington. There are some very vivid, beautiful displays of fall foliage around town. Y'all get out and see them before wind and (if we're lucky) rain make them fall.

So I've been only flushing solid waste, taking five-minute showers, not pre-rinsing dishes, saving gray water, and my water bill goes back up to what it was when I was watering my lawn? Is anybody really checking my meter or are they just throwing out a ballpark figure?

I would like to call about the comment made about flying the Mexican flag over the old Stanley Proto building. That is not a Mexican flag, it is an Irish flag. The company that moved into that building, Old Castle Glass, is an Irish company, therefore that is why the Irish flag is flown.

My comment is to the person complaining about Covington and the state of Georgia saying that Midwest was a better place to live. Put you and your family on Greyhound and we can sing that old song "Thank God and Greyhound you're gone."

We believe that with the money from the sale of the Cable along with the money spent on the homeless shelter the city should use part of the money so the hungry and the homeless could be fed at least during the holiday season. Also, happy birthday to our estranged granddaughter who turns 8 years old on Nov. 11.

Good news! There are still honest folks in Conyers. I accidentally drop my debit card outside a local Chinese restaurant. An employee from the business next door, Do It Yourself Pest Control, found it. The business looked up my number and gave me a call. I think a good Samaritan like that should get a shout out. Thank you ... Thank you ... Thank you.

Thank you to the person who brought up the fact that Charter is in the business of making money. I turn to the Citizen to read news from home while I am nine and a half time zones away. I do enjoy reading the poll page to see what concerns are on people's minds. Seeing the complaints about not being able to watch a specific program reinforces one thing to me and that is that if that is all you have to complain about, times are good. Even with this fact in place, though, I would like to see people become concerned about things that really matter. Things that affect more than just how one can waste their day. Darrell Huckaby wrote about one such concern just this week: the empty shelves at the food bank. Maybe this year you can take time out to make sure that someone who is downtrodden has a reason to be thankful. Better yet, go to a soup kitchen and serve a veteran and say thank you that you have nothing more to complain about than a money making business channel lineup.