Letter: Support the Seminoles

To the editor:

Are you ready for some exciting football? The Salem Seminoles Football Booster Club and the Salem Seminoles Football Team would like to invite every citizen of this fine county to come watch our young men battle St. Pius this Friday night at Reid Stadium. Kick-off is at 7:30 p.m. All fans of the Seminoles, the Patriots, and the Bulldogs should put their petty rivalries and childish jealousies aside now and come out and support Rockdale County football against the Golden Lions from DeKalb! This county has suffered enough over the past 15 years from bad publicity. It is past time to show that we are a positive community made up of wonderful young men and women. The cost is a mere $8 for some of the best entertainment around. They will bring a large and raucous crowd. Please help us bring one bigger and louder, tonight and all the way to the Dome!

John E. Manget