Two drivers accused of hit-and-run

CONYERS - Motorists were cited for leaving the scene of an accident in two separate hit-and-run incidents that resulted in injuries last week in Conyers.

The Conyers Police Department was called to an overturned car on Bryant Street near Levett Funeral Home. Police noticed skid marks on the pavement near the overturned vehicle, a white Ford Explorer, where it appeared to have zig-zagged before hitting a curb, flipping over and resting in a grassy area across from the funeral home.

Police found the driver, Eugenio Mazariego, 21, of 1733 Ridge Court, sitting on some steps and bleeding from his head, legs and arms. He told police his brakes gave out and caused the accident. Asked for a driver's license, Mazariego presented police with a Mexican identification card, the report said.

At about the same time, officers were called to the scene of a hit-and-run crash in front of Nancy Guinn Memorial Library at the corner of Green Street and Oakland Avenue.

A 33-year-old Lithonia woman was injured after her car was rear-ended by another vehicle and her car, in turn, struck a pickup. The woman was taken Rockdale Medical Center where she was treated and released. The driver of the pickup was not injured, the report said.

The woman said she could not identify the

vehicle that struck her car. However, police recovered debris at the crash scene on Green Street and identified them as from a Ford vehicle, the report said, linking the crash to Mazariego.

Traveling back to the Bryant Street crash scene, police noticed other tire skid marks as if a vehicle was traveling too fast and turned onto Bryant Street at the last minute. Mazariego had already been transported to Rockdale Medical Center.

Mazariego was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, driving while unlicensed, following too closely, passing in a no-passing zone and failure to maintain lane. He was taken to the Rockdale County Jail after being released from RMC later that day, the report said.

Another hit-and-run incident occurred two days earlier, last Sunday afternoon, in front of Bruster's on Dogwood Drive.

Police said a 50-year-old Conyers woman was seen driving her car east bound on Dogwood Drive last Sunday when she allegedly stuck a 61-year-old man from Lakeview Estates who was on a bicycle.

Witnesses followed the woman's car and called 911. Police were able to stop the woman nearby and issued a citation for leaving the scene of an accident.

Conyers Police Chief David Cathcart said the victim was transported to Rockdale Medical Center. He was treated and released, according to hospital officials.

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