To the editor: Give your support on Tuesday to re-development powers act

I would like to encourage the citizens of Conyers to vote 'yes' for re-development powers in the election Tuesday. This would give the city an important tool to use in encouraging the potential improvement of multiple areas of Conyers. It is this act that allowed Atlanta to turn an environmentally challenged industrial site into what is now known as Atlantic Station. While no similar project is envisioned here, the potential results could be very significant.

It is important to realize what the act would not do:

' It would not produce an increase in the tax rate.

' It would not change any current rules affecting condemnation (eminent domain).

Any actual projects utilizing the re-development powers act would require the approval of the City Council, the Board of Commissioners and the school board, thus providing many opportunities for public disclosure and comment. That may ultimately allow our community to be more selective about any projects chosen under this act than at any time in the past.

The driving force for use of the act comes from turning a low-taxable-value property that may be neglected or somehow tax exempt into a property that will produce much more in property taxes than the services it requires. Those new taxpayers will help offset a share of the taxes for the rest of us.

- John A. Fountain

Chair, Conyers Downtown Development Authority, Conyers Main Street Program and Rockdale County Board of Health