Newton Citizen Poll 11-3-07

This week's Newton Citizen Poll was an open line.

"Would the person that lives in or around the Oak Hill subdivision that owns a black medium-size dog roaming the neighborhood during the night defecating on my front porch, please be courteous and keep it at home. I opened my front door Saturday morning to a fresh pile of (doggy doo) on my patio."

"There is nothing on Charter TV today which appeals to the average citizen, and certainly nothing for us retired. Most do not enjoy many, many sport channels, most do not speak Spanish and do not like watching cars going around in circles for 500 miles. If you really think about it, our cable from Charter is a test of our mentality."

"To the Newton County Sheriff's deputy that thought it would be appropriate to 'ride my tail' while I was going the speed limit with three cars in front of me at 6:15 in the morning: While you are harassing law-abiding, taxpaying citizens, there are people being robbed, raped and murdered, but you thought it would be a good idea to harass me. Sheriff Joe Nichols, get your officers in check so we can go after criminals - not model citizens!"

"Thanks Covington Cable and the city of Covington. You have really done it now. Trading a good, reliable service for Charter Cable. That is the worst mistake the city has made. Not only have I not gotten all the service that I originally ordered, but I have talked to some of the rudest customer service people around. Not only will they rudely hang up on you, but they also talk to you like you are nothing. DIRECTV, HERE I COME!"

"I would like to request that all local restaurant owners/managers in Newton County visit Pizza Inn on Highway 81. My family and I went there to eat Friday for the first time. I was shocked at how friendly the employees were. It has been a very long time since anybody around here has thanked me for my business, looked me in the eye and smiled while taking my order, and actually returned to the table to see if everything is all right. This was pretty amazing coming from a place that is a buffet and you're supposed to serve yourself. I would like to thank Pizza Inn management and employees for making my dining experience so pleasurable. There are a lot of other local businesses out there that could use a lesson in customer service from you guys."

"Where is the guy dressed in camo that we always see walking down our roads? Have not seen him in at least three months! Hope he is OK."

"I'm sure anything negative I have to say about Charter Communications has already been said because most of the citizens of our community feel that we got a raw deal! Was this a 'bait and switch' situation? What happened to all the 'promises' made to the city of Covington before the sale was finalized? From my understanding, there was not to be extensive changes. What happened? There are a lot of senior citizens and low-income families who have no form of entertainment other than TV. What kind of entertainment are infomercials, old reruns and more sports than anyone could possibly want to watch? Also, if you don't speak Spanish, there are four channels that are of no use. All of the channels for old movies are gone, the gospel music channel is gone, one of the country music channels is gone and many, many more. I am thoroughly disgusted with Charter! I, for one, am downgrading to the very basic services. Why pay for something that is of no use to you? Thanks Mr. Mayor!"

"I would like to know why the water rates in Porterdale are being raised after the election time when they are already the highest rates for a city in the county. I don't think that the citizens of Porterdale have been made aware before the election that this is going to occur - present council and mayor don't want this to be known. Also, I would like to make the people aware that there is an ordinance already being written for Sunday sales in Porterdale when the referendum had not even been voted on yet to see if it passes. If it fails there will have to be another cost to have another ordinance written because it will be illegal to sell after 12 on Sundays unless that ordinance does pass."

"I was calling about the person calling the poll Oct. 27th about praying for Lanny Barnes and his family and everything. I don't have no problem with that, but I think the top priority should be praying for the victims. You got any idea how much money that man has cost taxpayers besides what he done? I think the victims should come first - look how they have suffered."

"One way that the people in Covington can save water is by taking Navy showers, which anybody that has been in the Navy would be familiar with. What you do is wet yourself down, turn the water off, shampoo your hair, soap yourself down, turn the water back on to rinse off. That would save thousands of gallons a day in Covington and Newton County."