Lake Capri Woman's Club welcomes Ashley Roesler

The Lake Capri Woman's Club featured speaker for September was Ashley Roesler, Executive Director at the Rockdale Emergency Relief. Ms. Roesler discussed the Food Bank which is administered by RER and the need for volunteers to assist with the distribution of food. Other assistance offered by RER is to help with past due utilities, rents, house payments, etc., so the families become self-sufficient.

Phoenix Pass and The Lighthouse Village, under construction on Sigman Road, is a transitional housing program managed by RER for families who have lost their homes. This program will help families recover and rebuild their lifestyle. The club presented Ms. Roesler with food donations for the Food Bank.

A covered dish fund-raiser was held on Oct. 2 and a bake sale on Oct. 27 at the Annual Lake Capri Homeowners Association meeting. All money collected from these projects goes back into the local community.