Conyers residents John and Carol Fountain took a two-week excursion to Antarctica in November and returned with these images of their journey. Through a trip offered by the Emory Alumni Association, the couple toured the region aboard the National Geographic ship Endeavor. In addition to entertaining tourists, Endeavor also transports scientists and supplies to research stations, as well as supports National Geographic journalists on the Antarctic Peninsula.

The expedition departed from Ushuaia, Argentina and crossed the Drake Passage, where the Atlantic and Pacific oceans meet, producing some of the most roughest sea weather in the world. After arriving at the Antarctic Peninsula, the Fountains went sea kayaking alongside penguins and seals, explored Point Wild on Elephant Island, hiked on the frozen ocean and climbed mountains.

"We set foot on a continent where very few people have ever been. I'd go again next week, if I had the chance," Fountain said.