News for Sunday, December 30, 2007


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Patriots fall in title game Mitchell, Jones named to all-tournament team

McDONOUGH - The Heritage boys basketball team has made remarkable strides in Ron Bradley's first season as coach, but the Patriots still have a ways to go before they can start competing with the top teams in the state.

Bulldogs notch wins at Duals

CONYERS - Rockdale had seven wrestlers with winning records, helping the Bulldogs finish third in the Rockdale Duals on Saturday.

Let's all go to the movies

Newborn resident Kenny Hays, left, and his grandson Cole Hays, 5, enjoy a game of "The Fast and the Furious" Friday before popping in for a midday showing of "Alvin and the Chipmunks" at the Carmike Cinemas in Conyers. With school out for the holidays and crummy weather in the air, a day at the movies seemed like a pretty good idea to many parents.

Running game Moreno, Brown: Georgia's 1-2 punch

NEW ORLEANS - Thomas Brown is the serious one. This past semester, he hunkered down in the classroom to take a staggering 21 hours of courses, just so he could meet his goal of graduating in 3 1/2 years.

Rockdale targeted for $1M in federal spending

CONYERS - Rockdale County government, public schools and the city of Conyers have about $1 million coming to them in federal expenditures that were included in the federal Omnibus budget bill signed into law this week by President George Bush.

Antartic Adventure

Conyers residents John and Carol Fountain took a two-week excursion to Antarctica in November and returned with these images of their journey. Through a trip offered by the Emory Alumni Association, the couple toured the region aboard the National Geographic ship Endeavor. In addition to entertaining tourists, Endeavor also transports scientists and supplies to research stations, as well as supports National Geographic journalists on the Antarctic Peninsula.

'Dreadheads' key to Hawaii

NEW ORLEANS - Colt Brennan is in good hands with the 'Dreadheads,' the guys on the other end of all those passes thrown by Hawaii's record-breaking quarterback.

Main Street manager completes community leader training

CONYERS - Monica Coffin, Conyers Main Street Program manager, has completed the Georgia Academy for Economic Development training program for community leaders.

Alumni chip in to help ailing classmate Towers High graduates raise money for Porterdale woman

CONYERS - When Dan Turner went to high school in the 1970s, he and his classmates had no Internet.

Falcons ready for last game against Seattle

ATLANTA - The Seattle Seahawks are expected to be watching the scoreboard as they wait to see if they'll host Washington, Minnesota or New Orleans in the playoffs.

Dave Williams - 2007: The year of Republican infighting

One of the universal realities that keeps politics from getting too dull is that once a party has gained complete control of a government, its leaders turn on each other.

Jack Simpson - National mood points to desire for change

Many citizens are being turned off by all of the political rhetoric. Campaigns seem much too long and involve a great deal of money. One thing is evident. People want change. They dislike unqualified cronies running their government agencies. Large numbers of voters are frustrated with the war in Iraq and threats of war with Iran. Friends and neighbors fear recession and the way they are suffering economically. The middle class is losing purchasing power.