Newton Citizen Poll 12-29-07

This week's Newton Citizen Poll was an open line.

"I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Yes, I said Christmas. I don't believe Christ should be left out of Christmas since Christ is the reason for the season. As a young child growing up in Covington, we received a doll and maybe a tea set with a shoebox of goodies. Then, there was one apple, one orange, one tangerine, a few nuts and a piece or two of candy. We were so happy to receive that from Santa. Nowadays, Christmas has become so commercial the thought of a doll only is hysterical. But to me, that was the good old days. I enjoy reading Darrell Huckaby's article each week because it is about the good old days. God bless you, Darrell, and we wish you a healthy and blessed New Year. Keep up the articles about growing up in this area. Although the streets are now paved, street lights are brighter and traffic is everywhere, the memories of a different time are precious. Also, knowing Christ as your savior will keep Christ in Christmas. Happy New Year to all who read this paper."

"I also noticed that dog across from Canaan Baptist Church, and it was in the rain again outside, tied out, no shelter, this past Saturday again. If you ride by there, you will see it. You can see its rib bones and its hip bones."

"To the city and county officials and everyone at the Chamber of Commerce: You guys really need to take a trip to the Henry Town Center in McDonough, that is the kind of shopping plaza we need in Newton. Urgently."

"There is this dog at Russell Braden Road and Salem - it is in the rain again. Where it stays, it does not have a dog house first of all, and this has been going on for over a month. Just thought I would wonder if officially (someone could) do something about it."