Newton Citizen Poll 12-22-2007

This week's Citizen Poll was an open line ...

"I am writing in response to the person who requested that blinkers be used and retired people stay off the roads early in the morning. Let me enlighten you a little on the life of a retired person. My father is retired, but not by choice. He was diagnosed with cancer nearly three years ago and forced to retire on disability. Every day of his life since then has been a struggle because of his health. There are many, many mornings that he leaves his apartment to run errands while he is feeling good. Some days by lunchtime, he is too tired to do anything else. Not being on the road earlier in the morning could take away what's left of his independence and self-worth. I just don't think it's worth him giving up that so you can get to your job by . My advice to you would be to leave for work just a few minutes earlier to compensate for all the retired folks roaming the roads. I hope that when you are old enough to retire that God blesses you with the energy and spunk to get up and go at the crack of dawn every day. Maybe then you will appreciate the lives that our elderly citizens live."

"This is to the coldhearted person who commented about the dogs missing or stolen in Covington and stated that it was not the end of the world. Obviously, you have never had the opportunity to know the true unconditional love of a dog. To some people a dog is the only child they know. It may be by choice or it may be God's will that they never had 'real' children as you say. I have dogs that are like my children and I have a 'real' daughter who broke my heart when she decided to go live with her father because of monetary promises. The only time that my dogs have ever broken my heart is when one passed away. Maybe your mother has four dogs because she is not getting the attention she deserves from her family. And if her house smells like a kennel, then quit griping and help her clean it up. Lord knows she probably cleaned up behind you and your kids enough."

"FYI - I thought the same thing about the bright yellow tags that CPD is putting on the cars, just makes it quicker for the thieves to target the folks that have left valuables in sight. Then one was left on my car at Target last Saturday. It actually said 'good job,' since I didn't have any bags or valuables in sight. So I guess they are checking most every car, so the would-be thieves would have to as well. Personally, I think folks should have the sense to put things in their trunks at any time of the year. Another FYI - my daughter's iPod was stolen out of her purse that was in our condo at Disney during Thanksgiving week. After lots of arguing with the security director and his boss, I was finally told that there is a law that protects hotels and condos in Florida from responsibility, even if the items are stolen. I'm sure all the employees already know that as well, so please be careful when traveling. Next time I will request NO ROOM SERVICE."

"'Nichols Trial' Cruel and Inhumane? You bet it is. But not for Nichols. This delay is only inhumane to the survivors. They are the ones that will never be free. Their pain and suffering will go on and on and while Nichols is receiving new clothes, health care and is being fed three times a day. The survivors receive cruel and unusual pain every time they pick up the paper or hear of Nichols, they receive cruel and unusual punishment. If they are unsure of paying the cost of the trial, call me! And I am sure there are others out there who would be willing to sit on that jury duty for free."

"There is a large black dog tied to a tire since last month near Canaan Baptist Church. The dog lays out on the cold ground even when it is raining like on Saturday or in the 30s like today - has no dog house, tarp or straw to keep it out of the cold. At the spot where the dog lays most of the time in the middle of the back yard there is a detached garage, but the dog does not lay down there. Animal Control has been called many times by three or four neighbors. It is 35 degrees and the dog is curled up in a tight ball on the near-freezing ground, no straw under it."

"I have just finished reading the comments in the Citizen poll concerning the theft of someone's dogs. The comment someone made to dogs' inability to love just made me sick. My grown daughter was murdered in October. ... (Her husband) had given her a small dog to replace one he had driven over and killed. They both have learned to love 'Rica' as their child and Rica was totally devoted to the both of them and accompanied them everywhere they went. Rica had all the comforts you would afford a child and I am very sure Rica is grieving for the loss of both of her owners and loved ones, and by the way, I am Rica's grandma and have been denied the right to care for her since both of her loved ones are gone. It is so very important to the soul to have someone to love. I would love to have that little dog to care for."

"The vandals who are throwing rocks at cars - I had mine done that way, too, about seven years ago when I was going out I-20 W under the bridge of (Ga.) Highway 81 about 500 feet, they start throwing rocks at me. I first thought they were bullets, but it cracked my windshield but kept on going. I think it ought be a federal and state law against that, it should be passed if there isn't already one."

"I would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas. I enjoy your paper so much. What I am calling about is the star on the water tank in Porterdale. I have lived there all my life and that star has always been lit at Christmas, but now there are not enough bulbs to tell that it is a star, so if they are going to light it please tell them to put all the bulbs back in and make it in to a star."

Here's a Christmas heart-warmer for you: I took a single mom's three children (ages 6, 9 and 13) out on a Christmas shopping spree. (Dad's not in the picture and mom is having a really tough time making ends meet.) I explained up front that each would have "X" amount of money to spend on gifts for themselves. The first gift all three wanted to purchase: A gift for momma. The second purchase was a nice card from all three to momma. At the end of the trip, the final purchase of the day was brother's gifts for his sisters (" ... and don't let them know.")!

Several times during the trip each child voluntarily expressed their appreciation - even the 6-year-old. When we finally got back to their house, the young fellow (age 9) again thanked me and thrust out his hand for a handshake! Wow! I'm still grinning and chuckling about it. (You can see who got blessed in this picture.) In South Georgia, we'd say "thems raisedrights" - and they are! Merry Christmas.

It concerns me as we travel from the Social Circle exit at I-20 through Covington that many drivers do not pay any attention to the construction speed limit on I-20; many mornings and evenings I am pushed to move to the other lane, even if a solid line is present (horn blowing, flashing of lines, hand flipping), flown by in excess of 65 and 70 mph - Newton County should immediately take action against these drivers. First and foremost, our DOT workers should be protected and their life maintained. Secondly the income that the county could bring in from increased speeding fines and maybe this money could be used to communicate the importance of these "rules" in DOT construction zones! Slow down, people; The life you save could be your own!

To the people who posted last week on Michael Vick, GET OVER IT ALREADY! Although I don't agree with what he did, I think he would have received a lesser sentence if he was not famous. We have people who have committed far worse crimes and received lesser sentences. These were crimes committed against HUMANS! Instead of us concentrating on what Vick did to animals, we should turn our focus on people who have been molested, abused and even murdered. Where is the public outcry for these victims? I am also tired of hearing how these athletes, singers, and movies stars should be role models for our children. As parents, YOU should be your child's role model. It is left up to you to mold your child's life. Live your life in a way that your kids can mirror YOUR actions, not someone they see on television or hear on the radio.