Woman faces 3 years in prison for selling drugs

CONYERS - A woman who pleaded guilty to her third felony violation Friday morning will be facing the next three years in prison.

Chief Superior Court Judge Sidney Nation ordered Kerri Lynn Hutchins to serve the first three years of a five-year sentence and pay a $10,000 fine for sale of methamphetamine.

Hutchins, 28, has a medical condition that could require surgery, but the judge said that was not sufficient reason for her to avoid incarceration.

"I'm sorry she may have some health problems, but her medical problems should not keep her out of jail," Nation said. "We have inmates who have medical conditions all the time and the court takes their medical care very serious, but this is nothing unusual and arrangements can be made to get her medical care should the need arise."

The charge against Hutchins stemmed from an incident in June when operatives from the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office Narcotics and Vice unit arranged to meet her in the parking lot of a convenience store and make a drug purchase.

Investigators said Hutchins sold approximately 1.51 grams of methamphetamine.

The judge warned her Friday that another felony conviction, regardless of the nature of the offense, would result in her being considered a recidivist. Repeat offenders are required to serve jail time without the opportunity for parole.

"You say you are on the right track and I hope you are, but the fact is you are about to move into the big time if you continue to do things like this," Nation said. "Next time you could be looking at a long, long time in prison with no parole."

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