Newton Citizen Poll 12-15-07

"This is in response to the person who said that dogs are incapable of LOVE and they only eat poop and pee. Boy, what a miserable person you must be. You can't just replace a dog, the same as you can't replace any friend or loved one. Sorry that your children are Grandma-neglected, but maybe they just eat and poop and pee too much for Granny. I hope if someone ever steals your child that people will have more compassion for you than you have for them. You can always have another one ... right? Think!"

"I am a pizza delivery driver trying to work my way through college, and I am wondering why don't people in Covington tip their pizza delivery drivers at all. I just want to know because I can drive all day delivering and get stiffed on every single run."

"I swore I would never post a comment about Michael Vick, but what I just heard on the news takes the cake. Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin wrote a letter to the judge who sentenced Michael Vick. In the letter she asked the judge to take into consideration the kind and charitable acts that Vick had performed over the years, and to allow him the chance to return to the NFL and his job. Personally, I did not feel the kindness or the charity when Vick was giving fans the finger during the Falcons game. And let me guess ... the marijuana, for which he tested positive as recently as September, was smoked by Vick so that it would not fall into the hands of those less fortunate, right? Give me a break! I do believe that people deserve a second chance, but what happens when you get to the 10th chance and he is still messing up? Face it, folks. Michael Vick sold out the Falcons and his fans when he decided to break the law repeatedly. He doesn't care about anyone but Michael Vick. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

"I was just reading that Newton County has 8.5 months of water left. Good thing our commissioners have continued to let these builders clear out land for subdivisions ... that just leaves all of the longtime residents of this county with even less water than we would have had. Good job guys!"

"Do the citizens of Covington not realize they have blinkers in their cars? I am so tired of people not using their blinkers. And while I am complaining, if you are retired could you please stay off the streets so that people who have to get to work at 8 can get there on time?"

This is in response to the person calling about the two little dogs being stolen. I would just like to say to that person if you had watched the news, they would have seen the couple were saying that they had grown children and these were their babies now that they were empty nesters. We have grown children but we also have a small dog it is just like children sure you can go get another one but it is not the same thing. You can't really replace a dog or children. The main reason I am calling is the person states they chose to have children instead of doting on dogs; well, this couple had three grown children and now they had these little dogs. I think it is so very sad because they don't know whose hands they are in and how they are being treated.

Recently I had to call Judge Henry Baker's office, who is in charge of the probate court here in Newton County. I must say he has some of the rudest employees I have ever encountered. The only thing I needed to know was the amount of a speeding ticket and got my head snapped off. Why don't these employees realize that we the taxpayers are responsible for them having a job and we are also the ones paying their salaries. I think when they answer their phone they should give their names, but from previous experience, I know why they don't.

I was calling about Shirley Franklin writing a letter to the judge in Virginia on behalf of Michael Vick. I think that Shirley Franklin should keep her nose out of it. I mean, believe me, she has more than her hands full just trying to be the mayor of Atlanta. I think she was completely out of place, completely wrong. I don't think Michael Vick got as much time as he deserved, but at least maybe he got enough time to know that he is not above the law, which I am fully convinced he thought he was.

Today, I received a nice gift certificate from Wal-Mart that has Feliz Navidad, which if my memory serves me right means Merry Christmas. Why is Wal-Mart putting this in Spanish rather than English?

This is to the person who called in about regards to two dogs are missing from Covington. They stated they had chosen to have real children and raise them to be a productive part of society. It sounds to me like you have got problems with your own household with your mother, so don't take them out on the animals and, yes, sometimes animals are a whole lot better than children.

I was calling about the Falcon coach (Bobby) Petrino. Seems like everybody is dogging him. ... As far as I am concerned, he didn't go into that blindfolded, he was (doing the) best for him and his family. I don't know what his problem was with the Falcons, but look at their record over the years, they ain't never burnt the house down. I think he was doing what was best for him, and who wouldn't do that?