Letter - Programs aimed at helping almost 6,000 next year

To the Editor:

It takes a community to build literacy skills, and the progress helping local adult citizens improve their literacy skills has truly been a community-wide effort. The Newton Citizen article on "Tackling Illiteracy" was an inspiring piece that showcases what can be done when a student like Walter Brown and tutors like Danielle Ayan and Joe Polinsky work together to reach the same goal.

In 2000, the Newton County community combined forces to endorse a local effort for Newton County to participate in the Georgia Certified Literate Community Program (CLCP). Newton County is fortunate to have a wide range of literacy options available for its citizens. This support system includes DeKalb Technical College, which offers adult basic education, English as a second language and GED classes; adult classes provided by the Newton County Correctional Facility; Project Adventure; and the efforts of local churches and civic groups. We also have The Learning Center, which teaches parents about the importance of reading to their children, and the Newton County Family Literacy Coalition, which brings together over 40 different organizations interested in improving family literacy.

All of these organizations are working together to improve the quality of life in Newton, and with this collaborative effort, Newton County will reach its CLCP numerical goal of helping 5,790 adults in 2008.

Janet Hodges, Executive Director

Newton READS