Conyers DAR Recognizes C.M. 'Bud' Sosebee
Foundation Member of Georgia Veterans Memorial Park

The Colonial John McIntosh Chapter of Conyers, National Daughters of the American Revolution, welcomed "Bud" Sosebee, Chairman Emeritus of the Georgia Veteran's Memorial Park, to their November meeting.

Sosebee, a veteran of World War II, was asked by the Daughters to wear his uniform for this special occasion. He was glad and proud to wear his dress uniform to their meeting, Sosebee's presentation was on the Veteran's Memorial in Georgia which is being built in Rockdale County. It is located on a three-acre site at Randy Poynter Lake. The main walkway will be named the "Walk of Heroes" which shows the love and commitment Georgia veterans had for this country.

Mr. Sosebee displayed photographs of what the Veteran's Park will look like when it is completed. He announced that the Federal Government has allocated funds to help Rockdale County in the finalized plans. Another fund-raising project is the selling of brick pavers. Pavers will have the veteran's name, rank and personal histories inscribed on them and will be placed throughout the park. This is a special way in which family members and friends can acknowledge the brave men and women who served to keep our country safe. The Web Site for more information is: www.walkotheros.com.

Sosebee also acknowledged all the Foundation Members who have worked so diligently to see this dream for Georgia Veterans come to fruition. Other Foundation Members are Norman Wheeler, Greg Williams, Libby Poynter, Pete Wheeler, Larry Kaiser, Glenn Sears, Roland Vaughn and Barbara Clanton.