Burglar filches children's Christmas gifts

COVINGTON - The Grinch seems to have stolen Christmas for several local children this year.

A Covington woman arrived home Wednesday morning to discover someone had taken all of her kids' presents.

Just before 10 a.m., Covington Police Department Officer David Stewart responded to a residence on Amanda Lane and met with the victim, he said in an incident report.

The victim told the officer she spent the night at a friend's home and when she returned home earlier in the morning, she noticed someone had kicked in the door inside the garage and taken her children's Christmas gifts, as well as several other household items.

The victim's brother told the officer he had parked his girlfriend's car in the garage but left the garage door open as he went out with some friends the night before. Upon returning to the residence, he said his girlfriend's car was gone and the house had been burglarized.

Among the items taken by the thief were four bicycles, dolls, children's clothes and shoes, a color television, a DVD player, remote control trucks, a scooter and diapers, according to the CPD report.

The victim said the stolen goods were worth about $2,000. A detective responded to the scene and took pictures of the damaged door, as well as a muddy footprint on the door where it had been kicked in, Stewart said.

In other crime news, nearly 6,000 pounds of aluminum was stolen from a construction site on Alcovy Road.

About 6 a.m. Wednesday, CPD Officer Julie English met with two Georgia Power employees who said someone had taken the spool of metal from the side of Alcovy Road just above City Pond Road where crews had been working the day before, the officer said in an incident report

One of the victims said the person responsible would've had to use a fork lift or some type of heavy machinery to move the spool. The metal was valued at about $6,000.

Police ask anyone with information about either of these incidents to call the CPD at 770-786-7605. Tips can be given to the CPD anonymously by visiting their Web site at www.covingtonpolice.com and clicking on "contact us" and then "secret witness."

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