Baxter speaks at Col. Dames meeting

The Mary Brown Tinkham Chapter of Conyers, Colonial Dames XVII Century, recently held their meeting at the Honey Creek Golf and Country. Chapter President Fran Passmore presided over the meeting.

Vice Regent Barbara Brandon introduced guest speaker, Mrs. Camille Baxter. Mrs. Baxter is a 14 year member of the National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century, currently serving the National Society as Organizing Secretary General and, she has also held the Office of Georgia State President. Mrs. Baxter is interested in genealogy and is a member of many other lineage and heritage organizations. The Mary Brown Tinkham Chapter is privileged to also have her as a member of their Chapter.

Mrs. Baxter's presentation was "Colonial Dames XVII Century, Class 101." She spoke of the history of the Society, its beginnings and where we are now. She shared many facts and information of the Society, and spoke on how to increase membership in the Society in order to carry into the future, the objects of the National Society. Some of these objects include preservation of records and historic sites; fostering interest in colonial research; commemorate the noble and historic deeds of our founders and ancestors; maintain high principles of virtue, courage and patriotism which led to the independence of the Colonies and the foundation of the United States of America.