Health Report 12-4-07

The following food service establishment inspection reports were provided by the Environmental Health Division of the Rockdale County Health Department. Any score below 90 is considered failing.

· Taqueria La Estrella, 90, 1723 Lake Rockaway Road, Date: Oct. 30

Violations: Keep food items covered at all times. Food held at improper temperatures. Missing cover on trash can in restroom.

· American Bowling Center, 95, 885 Flat Shoals Road, Date: Oct. 31

Violations: Resurface rusty bottom in front sandwich unit. Cardboard boxes used as utensil storage. Several dirty cloths observed on counter. Missing cove base below sinks. Repair leak at bottom of four-compartment sink. Missing covers on dumpster. Ceiling tiles in dry storage need replacement. Missing walls in some places.

· Greek Pizza, 93, 977 N. Main St., Date: Oct. 31

Violations: Uncovered food items in sandwich refrigerator. Unapproved containers storing dry food. Garbage bag used to cover dough. Resurface floor in back. Observed spider crawling on small sandwich refrigerator.

· Blimpie Subs & Salads, 89, 607 Sigman Road, Date: Nov. 1

Violations: Thermometers not in all refrigerated units as required. Equipment not cleaned. No hot water at prep sink. Walls in restroom soiled. Walls around mop sink soiled. Walls over three-compartment sink soiled. Inspection report not properly posted.

· Chow Dog, 100, 2572 Old Covington Highway, Date: Nov. 1

· Cici's Pizza, 93, 1503 Ga. Highway 138, Date: Nov. 1

Violations: Three-compartment sink not properly set up. Replace damaged gaskets on reach-in cooler. Need thermometers in all refrigeration units. Replace missing or displaced ceiling tiles. Post inspection report properly.

· Papa John's, 98, 1409 Sigman Road, Date: Nov. 1

Violations: Repair leak at handsink. All garbage cans used in restaurant need lids.

· Domino's Pizza #4151, 95, 3537 Ga. Highway 20 S.E., Date: Nov. 5

Violations: Thermometer needed in refrigerator. Provide soap at front handwash sink. Clean area around dumpster. Shield light in walk-in cooler.

· Domino's Pizza, 93, 1200-A West Ave., Date: Nov. 5

Violations: Need sanitizer test strips. Do not use hose in mop sink without backflow prevention. Need paper towels at handsink. Lids needed for all trash cans. Replace broken floor tiles throughout.

· Highland Golf Club, 89, 2271 Flat Shoals Road, Date: Nov. 5

Violations: Use proper reheating technique. Need test strips for sanitizer. Store ice scoops out of ice. Use scoop with handle in bulk products. Floors and walls need to be brought up to code.

· Papa Jack's Seafood Grill, 87, 427 Sigman Road, Date: Nov. 5

Violations: All stored food items must be covered when not in process of being prepared. Provide thermometers in all refrigeration units. Walls under and above counters in kitchen need cleaning. Filters in vent hoods need cleaning.

· Papa John's Pizza, 97, 3533 Ga. Highway 20 S.E., Date: Nov. 5

Need covered container in restroom. Clean area around dumpster.

· Subway, 100, 2270 Salem Road, Suite 102, Date: Nov. 5

· American Deli, 93, 1181 West Ave., Date: Nov. 6

Violations: Keep all food stored 6 inches off floor. Provide sanitizer test strips. Keep cloths in sanitizer buckets. Use scoop handles in dry storage. Repair tiles where needed. Do not use cardboard in floor. Clean under and behind all equipment.

· Quizno's, 99, 439 Sigman Road, Suite G, Date: Nov. 6

Violations: Continue working on trash can lids.

· The Sandwich Factory, 99, 903 Commercial St., Date: Nov. 6

Violations: Provide trash cans with lids throughout.

· Subway, 93, 1620-F Dogwood Drive, Date: Nov. 6

Violations: Food items stored on floor of walk-in freezer. Soiled cloths stored in four-compartment ink. Soled utensils stored with clean utensils.

· Dunkin Donuts, 100, 2280 Salem Road, Date: Nov. 7

· Subway, 92, 2870-D Ga. Highway 212, Date: Nov. 7

Violations: No food prep or service at time of inspection. Dirty cloths stored at veggie sink. Supply paper towels at all handsinks. Dead insects in walk-in cooler floor.