Newton Citizen Poll 12-1-07

"Would someone please tell me why Covington does not have a movie theater? If we want to see a movie we have to drive to Conyers or elsewhere. This is pouring money into another community and not our own. I think the old Wal-Mart building would be a great place for a movie theater."

"It was very disappointing that none of the non-incumbent candidates for Covington City Council attended the last few meetings of the council before the election. Seems to me that if you aspire to be on the council, you should not only be familiar with its working but with the issues that are being dealt with prior to the election. Mayoral candidate Carter not only attended the council meetings but also the council work sessions."

"Thanks to the person who sent in the customer service address for Charter. I wrote the CEO on Oct. 29 and have never received a response. We're just a number to Charter; if there's not enough numbers in this area, they'll sell the system to somebody else."

I pretty much chastised the Charter customers for all the whining comments about poor service since the buyout of Covington Cable. Though it appears, as usual, all most people want to do is make noise and nothing more, one person has stepped up and suggested mailing articles from the paper and Citizen Poll to the Charter customer service department. That individual deserves a pat on the back for taking the initiative and a proactive approach. However, the place they recommended is not the place to send those articles. I must ask, how helpful has Charter customer service been thus far? Have they listened? Do they care? Did they help? The answer to all of those questions is probably and most likely NO! Therefore I will attempt to help the Charter customers in their endeavor. When dealing with huge corporations, one must move up the ladder and direct any communications to the top. Those are the people that roll heads and make things happen. I can tell you from personal experience that when you send a five-page letter certified mail to the CEO of the telephone company, you get results and get them in a hurry. Having said that, here's the Corporate Leadership list and the "proper address" to get results. Neil Smit, president and chief executive officer; Michael J. Lovett, executive vice president and chief operating officer; Robert A. Quigley, executive vice president and chief marketing officer. Now if you want to go all the way to the top, the person to contact is Paul G. Allen, chairman of the board, but I would just contact the others for now. The address, Corporate Communications, 12405 Powerscourt Drive, St. Louis, MO 63131, Phone: 314-965-0555. Remember, be polite, well worded, to the point, include direct call back or contact numbers and keep a copy of everything sent. Most importantly, send any material certified mail, return receipt. That insures the person intended to receive the letter does indeed receive it. If you choose to send a letter to more than one person, send each individual a letter, not one letter with multiple recipients. Good Luck, hope it works out for you.